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US Headworks International and Italian Sebigas Partner to Create Energy from Wastewater

October 18, 2022 download pdf

A new partnership between Headworks International and Sebigas aims to increase renewable energy production and OPEX savings for industrial wastewater treatment utilizing Headworks’ innovative patented EnergyCell, an Anaerobic Moving Bed BioFilm Reactor (AnMBBR), and Sebigas’ who specializes in biogas plants for renewable energy production.

The highly engineered EnergyCell allows industries such as dairies, breweries, paper mills, sugar refineries, distilleries, and slaughterhouses to boost renewable energy in the form of biogas from wastewater, converting wastewater into a valuable asset while lowering OPEX.

“At Headworks International, our team continues to focus on offering innovative, sustainable solutions to the water sector,” said Headworks CEO Michele LaNoue. “Energy prices are soaring. Climate change impacts on the availability of water are accelerating. Reframing our view of wastewater as an asset to be converted to energy is one piece of the puzzle to lower industrial energy costs and carbon footprints.”
“We are proud to announce our partnership with Headworks, a company with a great experience, established and recognized not only in the American market but also worldwide,” said Sebigas General Manager Roberto Salmaso. “This partnership is an important step in allowing us to extend products and services to a sector whose potential is extremely high.”

“The AnMBBR reactor represents an efficient and effective solution for transforming the organic load from various industrial wastewater into biogas,” said Sebigas Project and Product Manager Federico Torretta. “It is a much more resilient system than other reactors, easy to operate, and capable of absorbing variations and shock loads in the treated wastewater.”

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