“Nothing. They just run. In my opinion, of all of the upgrades at this plant, the simplest, most seamless part of the project was the headworks.” (When asked if there were any maintenance issues in the last four years with the Headworks Bar Screens) Mike Pennie, Project Engineer Alberta Capital Region
“It was simple to install and is operating as promised. For that application, we were looking for a screen that was robust and the MS Screen fulfilled the requirements.” Roberto Primelles, Technical Director TICSA
“We are just tickled to death with the screen! It’s doing a great job. We don’t have to do anything – it just takes care of itself. We have no maintenance issues.” Bob Ford, General Foreman Locomotive Shop at the Yard
“The unique setup of our plant created an unusual solids handling problem for this equipment. The majority of solid compactors on the market are designed to deal with a minimum amount of water at a steady state of flow. Frankly, the static screen above the compacting device wasn’t my first choice. I was a bit […] Stephen Koho, Plant Manager Edmonds WWTP
“The MS® screens have provided all of the services and requirements that we expected.” Richard Weare, Capital Projects Manager Greater Lawrence Sanitation District
“We got what we ordered and would do it again.” Paul Godfrey, Site Manager Epcor Water Services at the Canmore Plant
“Inspection and maintenance can easily be accessed and completed at the ground level. Workers can easily view activity through observation doors. You can just walk up and see it working.” Pritpal Singh Jhaj, Maintenance Manager Tillman Water Reclamation Plant, Los Angeles
“If everything ran like this screen [MS Bar Screen], the maintenance department could all go home.”  Ed Lozon, Maintenance Manager Tillman Water Reclamation Plant in Los Angeles, California
“Screening is not as easy as indicated in textbooks, especially in our application. The Headworks Screen is soundly engineered. We’re very happy it’s at the front end of our process!” Dan Noyes, President Downstream Environmental
“The screens failed numerous times and the pump station was rebuilt once as a result of severe flooding before the Headworks® screens were installed.” John Corkery, Municipal Sales Manager Pumping Station at Hudson County Jail
“MSDGC’s experience with the MS Bar Screen since 1997 has been a positive one. The stainless steel construction, short cycle time to clean the screen field and the reduced maintenance frequency compared to other screens that the District has maintained over the years are factors that have contributed to the MS Screen’s success in Greater […] Alan Smith, Client Services Manager Jacobs (formerly CH2M)
“…running fine and has been a wonderful product.” Michael Bowling, Maintenance Supervisor Beto Prison, TX
“The MS® Bar Screen is one of the better units that we have seen on the market. It requires the least maintenance. That is why we decided to go with it and it has worked out well for us, we no longer have problems with downtime.  We are also very pleased with the service and support we […] Craig Vaughn, Plant Manager Sulphur Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant
“This was probably one of the easiest installations we have ever done.” Ameritcon general contractor on the project at Sycamore Wastewater Treatment Plant Dan Grimwood, Project Engineer Ameritcon
“The Headworks® MS® Bar screen has operated for the past 8 years and we have never had to replace a part. The only maintenance required has been adjusting the chain tension twice.” Jerry Wagner, Plant Superintendent Hardford WPCF
“We have been operating the MS™ Bar Screen for more than 7 years with no problems whatsoever. The spare parts that we purchased with the screen are still on the shelves waiting for future repairs.” Jim Rogers, Plant Supervisor New Canaan Wastewater Treatment Plant
“Maintenance on the screen has been cut dramatically. The clear covers on the screen along with the bagger on the compactor really cut odors”. Jim Talke, Plant Superintendent Sussex, Wisconsin WWTP
“The MS™ Bar Screen does a great job! It’s virtually maintenance-free. Once in a while we grease it and hose it down, but that’s about it.” Mark Arlington, Site Superintendent Port St. Lucie WWTP
“There have been zero problems with the screen since installation”. Mr. Ruben Palacios, Operations Manager Sedapal's Wastewater Operations Department, WWTP at Carapongo, Peru
“The fact that it compacts and compresses everything makes it misleading how much it takes out.” Furthermore, the brushes have lasted three years without having to be replaced and with no damage to the sieve basket: “We haven’t had to replace anything or do anything to it” (ibid). Chris Lindholm, City Engineer Lindsborg WWTP
“It came out nice. Although vertical screens are usually tougher to operate, the Bar Screen has had no problems.” Bob Wilson, Engineer Northern Kentucky SD
“Until about 400 feet before the pump station the sewer is 20-25 feet deep … [but during] the last 400 feet the ground level elevation rises sharply,” which causes the pump station to be at a total depth of 47 feet. David Shank also noted, “Cost analysis showed the deep installation without a new deep […] David Shank, Design Engineer Burgess & Niple
“We are very pleased with the Headworks ® screens thus far. They have fewer moving parts compared to the previous system, they’re very well built and very heavy duty. We look forward to using them for years to come” Randy Studaker, Facility Superintendent Port Huron, Michigan
“The estimated reduction in labor and power costs as a result of the constructed improvements is $30,000 per year.” Klotz Associates, Inc., 2001 City of Houston, Final Engineering Design Report Southwest WWTP Improvements
“We would have had to build a structure at least six feet higher than what was there and then go back to all seven of the contributing pump stations to modify the existing pumps.” Ken Hudson, President Treaschwig Joint Powers Board