“You get what you pay for. The MS Bar screen was not the least expensive screen, but the design and overall construction was the best quality. We needed a screen that is built to last, and we found one.” Mike McFadden, Plant Operator Bernardin Lochmueller & Associates
“The installation of Headworks BIO’s Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) has virtually eliminated concerns of wastewater treatment system overload and sludge bulking. The MBBR now allows us to operate over a wide range of process changes and endure upset conditions. The Headworks BIO group worked closely with IEP personnel through all phases of the project […] Doug Krapas, Environmental Manager Inland Empire Paper Company
“Their knowledge of the equipment, thoroughness of review, attention to detail, enthusiasm and willingness to address our concerns, as well as their thoughtful and clear language to train the plant operating personnel were a welcome change from the routine efforts we sometimes see from other start-up personnel. Please reserve this team for the next start-up […] Michael Roy, Project Manager Nickerson General Contractors
“With more than 15 years of wastewater screening experience, Headworks has earned a reputation for high quality, reliable, low maintenance screens. Although there are viable alternatives in this market, Headworks was able to competitively offer the required equipment meeting the stringent specifications of the bidding documents. They have a track record of successful installations and […] Steve Benner, Project Manager Borough of Mifflinbury WWTP
“It never ceases to amaze me what this team can accomplish when we put our heads together. We not only have the best bar screen on the market, we also have the strongest and most talented team of engineers that make every project we work on a success.” Wayne McCauley, Senior Special Projects Manager Headworks
“Everyone at the plant is happier operating with the new screen. We no longer spend our time cleaning debris scattered around the facility and the flies are almost nonexistent. Although the Headworks MS Bar Screen was not the least expensive solution, it eliminated all of the issues created by the previous screen, making it the […] Robert Barone, Superintendent Camrosa WRF
“The CleanSea® system on board [The Enchantment of the Seas] consistently produces effluent below compliance levels. Since its installation, the wastewater plant has met the requirements of the Alaska state discharge standards, and does so with extremely low operational costs compared to all other wastewater treatment plants currently installed on our fleet of cruise vessels.” Arnt Mentzoni, Chief Engineer, The Enchantment of the Seas Royal Caribbean
“The ability to treat our wastewater without odor generation was the main challenge that we faced with this project. Headworks BIO has met and exceeded all of our goals and discharge limits. Everyone is breathing much easier now, including our neighbors.” Frank Gochakowski, Jr., Operation Supervisor High Liner Fishery Products
“MBBR enables Mizkan to adopt comprehensive on-site wastewater treatment capabilities while minimizing operational costs and ensuring consistent treatment performance. We were looking for a wastewater treatment solution that would handle high and fluctuating organic loads. We also wanted it to be easy to operate and maintain. The [Headworks BIO] Activecell system has proven to be the solution […] John Prahler, Director of Engineering Mizkan Americas, Inc.
“Working with Headworks went really well. The Headworks team was flexible and informative throughout the shop drawing phase and we worked together to ensure a successful installation. Since its commissioning in July 2009, the screen has operated as hoped. One of the biggest challenges faced by the plant is the high amounts of grease in […] Nathaniel Andres, Contract Administrator RV Anderson & Associates Ltd.
“We’ve been extremely impressed by their [Headworks BIO] determination to not only accomplish certification of the system on time for the ship’s maiden voyage, but to ensure that the system is the best possible design aboard any cruise liner in the world. On many levels, Oasis of the Seas is a world-class engineering feat, including […] Sami Hautala, Vice President STX Europe
“We are involved in BOT (Build Operate Transfer) projects for municipal wastewater treatment plants in Mexico. In the majority of these contracts, we are responsible for the operation of the plants for periods of up to 20 years. The biggest problem we have experienced with mechanical screens in the past is that the screens fail […] Roberto Primelles, Technical Director TICSA
“The performance of the ActiveCell system has met all of AEM’s expectations for the biological treatment process. Headworks BIO was very supportive during the pilot phase, the development of an effective retrofit plan, and the commissioning phase. Headworks BIO has proven to be a valuable partner for AEM during all phases of the project.” Sylvain Bioly, Ing., Directeur de L’Environnement Laboratoire d’Analyse
“At this moment all the issues and problems we had with blockages and rag accumulations seem to have been resolved”. He further stated his pleasure in the efficiency of the capture rate with the new screens, commenting that “the capture rate of the 4mm bar screens is of similar ratio when compared to 6mm 2-directional […] Michael McAlary, Regional Operations Manager Northern Ireland Water
“We now have all three MS screens in operation at Cagua, and they are all working very well. There’s really no point of comparison between the Headworks screens and the climber screens we replaced. The Headworks bar screen is the type of screen that we always needed, given the tough conditions at this plant. The […] Israel Almodovar, Manager of Regional Systems PRASA's Eastern Region
“The screen continues to work well year after year.  In the ten years of the screens’ operation, we haven’t had to contact Headworks for spares or repairs!” Brian Armet, Executive Director Mattabassett WPCF
“To date, the MS Bar Screen is tirelessly removing spuds at the facility and has no issues with operation.” Mr. Malyk, McCain Foods
“It’s working great, we haven’t had to worry about it one day. Maintenance staff does a daily drive-by of the premises and everything is working great.” Randy Sweet, Operations Manager Kennedy Jenks
”The application gave us really limited options because the angle is very slight, a very vertical installation into an existing wet well about 14 feet in diameter.” Tom Giese, Engineer Kennedy Jenks
“Significant investment is required to upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure in Northern Ireland to protect public health, ensure cleaner beaches, safeguard the environment, and respond to increasing demand.” Shaun Woodward, Regional Development Minister Limavady WWTF
“The screens have functioned very well [at the Piscataway, Maryland plant for the WSSC]. They are well constructed. They’ve done a nice job for us. The construction is excellent. No problems, no maintenance, except for normal wear.” Dale Belshner, Piscataway Group Leader/Plant Superintendent Washington Suburban Sanitary
“The Headworks MS Bar Screens have been running for over a year with no problems whatsoever.” Ed Osborne, Plant Supervisor North Buffalo Wastewater Treatment Plant
“A superb piece of equipment that has performed above our expectations! We have had some of the highest flow periods seen in 20 years and the Headworks screen performed flawlessly. Other than routine preventative maintenance, we have not had to touch the screen during the first year of operation. With the change from a Cantenary […] Erik Lanphier, Manager Glenbard Wastewater Authority Wastewater
“We are very happy. They are working great, with no issues. The new one was just put online a few days ago.“ Stephen Moore, Water Reclamation Maintenance Manage EMWD
“We’ve had some wild storms run through with no problems.  Generally, if everything ran like the Headworks Screens we would be doing good. It was all installed properly to begin with so that helps”. Riley Clark, Mechanics Specialist Alberta Capital Region