“If there was a better bar screen out there, we would buy it.  We could have bought another screen when we decided we needed to remove more debris than the 2 inch screens were designed to do, but retrofitted the Headworks to ½ inch screens instead.  We like the dependability and durability of the screens, […] Johnny C. Massingill, WRF Director City of Rome, Georgia, USA
“Folks in the Industry ask me all the time about the lower sprockets. Headworks International solved the lower sprocket challenges over 20 years ago and they have many installations which prove out their competency in handling the most challenging installations in the world, including ours at Kearny.” Tom Zatorski, Plant Manager KMUA
“We are very pleased with our screens, and they have worked flawlessly since startup. I would highly recommend these screens to anyone looking to purchase one of these units.“ C.J. Baxter, Plant Manager Forest Grove Wastewater Treatment Facility
“I have been impressed not only by the unit, but any questions we had were addressed quickly. To have their rep come by years later again impressed me. We are currently going to install a second unit, which states we have spent our money well and will do it again. If you are like us, […] Dale E. Scott, Manager Water/Wastewater City of Selkirk
“The screens have performed as advertised. They are well built and able to perform in our combined sewer system.” Scott Firmin, Director of Operations Portland Water District
“One of the most important goals of every Plant Superintendent is to make smart decisions while purchasing major equipment. After tireless research and many plant visits to evaluate bar screens, it was determined that the quality of manufacturing offered by Headworks far exceeds what the competitors have to offer.” Nicholas Gornick, Plant Operations Superintendent City of Joliet, Illinois, USA
“Our experience with Headworks was very rewarding. Our client, AyA, the national institution in charge of drinking water and waste water, is very satisfied, proud and enthusiastic with the new system.” Rodolfo Gonzalez, Director of Solamsa El Roble
“These screens and compactors have worked great for us. We have cut our maintenance costs by changing from the climber Bar Screens to the Headworks Bar Screens; there are far fewer things to fail and they are more reliable. Our screens take flows from 20 MGD to 150 MGD and never have problems with the […] Jeffrey L. McVicker, Plant Maintenance Supervisor Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, Tacoma, Washington
“The ability of the Headworks Screens to lift up material from the sewer system is excellent. The screens have operated very successfully and are able to flawlessly handle the very high flows.” Bob Kuhn, Senior Project Manager CH2M Hill
“For the past 15 of my 25 year career at the Mill Creek wastewater treatment plant, I have been operating Headworks MS Bar Screens. The average flow in this large treatment plant is 104 MGD, with a peak flow (because of the combined collection system) of nearly 425 MGD. You can imagine this collection system […] Henry Chapman, Plant Operator Mill Creek
“The bar screens have been in service for over 6 years now. We have spent very little money in repairs. The only work that we have done on them is to replace the bearing on the top shaft. This was to prevent damage to the shaft. One of the most maintenance-free bar screens we have […] Ed Osborne, Plant Supervisor North Buffalo Water Reclamation Facility
“The system ensures that the water coming off the landfill is clean. In fact, only one step in the filtering process is missing to make it actually potable water.” Arwin Magpantay, Assistant General Manager Waste Custodian, Management Incorporated (Wacuman Inc.)
“SJRA has had the Headworks Bar Screens in service since 1999 (WWTP 1), and 2004 (WWTP 2) and they had served reliably without much operator intervention or any serious maintenance issues. In 2013, SJRA decided to reduce the screen size from ½ inch to 3/16 inch. With the retrofit and Headwork’s recommendations of replacing wearing […] Steve McKeon, Utility Operations Superintendent SJRA
“Our Headworks Bar Screen is tried, true, and tough. It has handled everything thrown at it.” Matthew Gibbs, Assistant Manager for Wastewater The Little River WPCP
“Our facility has over 4,500 pieces of equipment being tracked in our asset management program, and these two bar screens operate in the worst environment we have, yet over the last 12 years they have been one of the last discussed in our out-of-service meetings. Wish I had more!” Dan Halter, Assistant Plant Manager Cadiz
“We are very pleased with the performance of the plant, and the product and service provided by Headworks BIO.” Ryan McAlister, Plant Operator Camp Sunshine
“The facility produces excellent effluent water quality, suitable for reuse at the resort, resulting in a huge cost savings.” Arch. Tonette Senagan, Director of Engineering Imperial Palace Resort
“The main reason for choosing Headworks BIO’s MBBR process was because we required a technology which is easy to operate and maintain with low OPEX costs. The other important reason for choosing MBBR was the remarkably small footprint required and its ability to produce high quality effluent suitable for reuse and irrigation.” Dr. Waleed M. Zahid, Vice Dean for Development & Quality, Associate Professor, Environmental Engineering King Saud University
“The installed Headworks solution provides increased capacity and improved effluent quality. After several years of the plant being shut down and out of service due to failed membranes, we are glad to see the plant in operation soon. The MBBR solution was attractive due to the small footprint requirement and minimal operation and maintenance.” Eng. Salah El-Din Abdelaaty, Project Manager General Egyptian Company for Buildings
“During high flow conditions, the operators can now focus their efforts on operating the plant rather than having to worry about unplugging old bar screens and potential flooding of the screen room. The new screens have enhanced the Pump Station’s level of efficiency and dependability, while improving the safety for the operators during high flow […] Brad Johns, Water & Wastewater Services Facilities Engineer City of Greater Sudbury
“Everyone at the plant is very pleased with the performance of the Headworks MS Bar Screen. Most notable has been the bar screen’s ability to reduce the frequency of back washing and channel cleaning. This will allow us to increase our flow capacity and generate additional revenue.” Kamal Lalla, Civil Engineer Shahad Temghar Plant
“We had to consider many factors when selecting a technology that would be suitable for our specific application. One of the key challenges was to address the seasonal variation in occupancy levels on campus during the summer holidays that causes low flow or no flow for extended periods of time. This is when traditional technologies […] Dr. Ahmed Khalaf Abdel-Lah, Vice President King Saud University
“The retrofit was a success. We increased our capture rate and maintained capacity without purchasing new equipment. A real win-win for Greenwood Lakes WRF.” David Engstrom, Chief Wastewater Operator Greenwood Lakes
“We toured a facility in Jacksonville where MS Bar Screens were in operation. We liked the overall design and construction of the equipment and Jacksonville had some strong data on the screen’s performance.” Jack Cheney, Chief Wastewater Operator Greenwood Lakes
“This product is a perfect example of what Headworks does best. We’re committed to listening to our clients and developing solutions that solve their problems.” Michele LaNoue, Chief Executive Officer Headworks