“We feel the Headworks Perforator Screen is mechanically sound, operates well and in accordance with the design specification.” Dwayne Lackey, Maintenance Superintendent Fourche Creek Plant
“Headworks BIO’s self-regulating MBBR doesn’t need my staff’s help. It works just as hard as they do.” “Since commencing operation, our MBBR system has proven to require very minimal operator attention, effectively nitrifies even during cold winters in Moorhead, and adapts well to fluctuations in loading.” Andy Bradshaw, Utilities Engineer Moorhead Wastewater Pollution Control Facility, Moorhead, MN
“Given Headworks’ experience in MBBR technology and with petrochemical wastewater, plus its local presence, made it an ideal choice as the technology provider for the effluent treatment plant.” Luis Fernandez, Project Manager Intecsa Industrial
“It is such a simple design that just keeps going and going.  It is nice to have equipment that we don’t have to babysit to keep things up and running.” Mark Hatzenbuehler, Control Operator II Water Pollution Control Facility
“This debris which is dumped into our plant just ahead of the Headworks bar screens does not cause any issues to them at all. What’s even better is they take about 90% of this debris out of the flow. I have a picture of the four-foot long, round fence post I saw on our conveyor […] Loren Sharp, Wastewater Operations Supervisor Springdale Wastewater Treatment Plant
“Its small footprint plus minimal maintenance makes it an ideal solution for a theme park.” Eng. Ismail Salam, Lead Consultant CHSS
“Look, bar screens have been around forever, but the Headworks MS2 screen removes material efficiently and fits into the very tight space we have in our facility.” Paul Warner, Superintendent of Water and Wastewater Facilities City of Valatie Wastewater Treatment Plant
“The MS® Bar Screen is like having a great employee. It’s reliable, capable, and nothing stops it.”  Pritpal Singh Jhaj, Maintenance Manager Tillman Water Reclamation Plant, Los Angeles
“Since their installation, the screens [MS Bar Screen] have gone through several storm events without ever jamming. The volume of screenings captured at Limavady is significantly greater than had been previously removed. Additionally, the headloss is considerably less than anticipated. So far, the screens’ performance is very good.” Paul Davison, Project Sponsor Northern Ireland Water
“Compared to other types of bar screens that I have worked with in the past, the rakes on the Headworks Bar Screens are very durable, as the rakes have been able to withstand plenty of harsh solids without breaking.” Mr. LeAndrea Scott, Operations Section Chief Beltway WWTP in Houston, Texas
“We had very little space to expand the treatment capacity for the increased production.  The MBBR system supplied by Headworks exceeded our expectations in meeting the effluent objectives within a very small footprint.” Ana Paulina Forero, Regional Manager Peru & Ecuador Tecca
“This was not only a costly and time-consuming exercise, but with one of the screens down so frequently, we knew our capacity was limited below the peak flow requirement.” “I saw the screens at WEFTEC and learned about the robustness of the technology, and the quality and durability of the product.  Maintenance has not been […] Mark Moore, Assistant Superintendent Lafayette Water Pollution Control Department Treatment Facility
“The system provided by HW Bio has been one of the easiest to commission. It was started up and producing effluent suitable for re-use within 3 weeks. We have noticed the system adapts well to change in flow and load compared with other technologies. As it doesn’t require operator intervention, coupled with its overall ease […] Mohamed Sobeihy, Commissioning In Charge Al Shamal, Madinat ash Shamal, Qatar
“We love this screen; it has never given us any issues.  It just keeps on running and running.” Bernie Thompson, Lead Mechanic Oakland Wastewater Treatment Plant
“We have really enjoyed our success with the Headworks Screens, both at our pump station and at our Treatment Plant. We first replaced a grinder at our Corliss Ave Pump station. The problem was that the rags would be ground up by the grinder only to reweave further down in our collection system and clog […] George Lovely, Operator East Greenbush Pump Station
“We love these screens. We haven’t had any problems since we installed them. They are bulletproof!” “I am still tickled to death by these screens. They hunt.” Shannon Bowen, Maintenance Supervisor Springdale Wastewater Treatment Plant
“We always recognized the benefit of MBBR technology, with its flexible design that allows for increased capacity in the future and ability to handle strong loads; however, we now also realize the importance of choosing the right carriers with the correct properties to ensure a trouble-free working plant. It has been four years since the […] Rajan Sirivastav, Plant Manager Orta Anadolu, Bahrain
“Its flexible design that allows for increased capacity in the future, when production increases again, and the self- regulating biofilm, coupled with the ability to handle high wastewater temperature of 35 °C, and provide a compact overall footprint made IFAS the ideal choice” Bhushan Patil, Process Manager Dairy Plant
“Even after seven years of operation, the screens are in excellent condition.” As someone with many years of experience working on and inspecting wastewater treatment facilities, he “was amazed that the screens showed no sign of any wear and tear on the bars, the rakes or any of the components.” Declan McCarthy, Site Inspector Evergreen Engineering
“After looking at all the options, we felt the Headworks MS screens were the best option for us. The screens are very robust and they just do the job. We have had nothing but good experiences with them.“ Amador Escalante, Technician Supervisor El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plant
“Impressed with their knowledge and dedication to their equipment, and appreciated their help in resolving the issues on site.” Chad Maurer, Plant Maintenance Supervisor NCSD
“[They] expedited the repairs so [the plant] would not have any delayed down time for repairs. They were fantastic and it was a pleasure having them at the facility.” Shirley Burger, Facility Supervisor NCSD
“It’s a flexible design that allows for increased capacity in the future, when our plant production increases again. It’s self-regulating and has a stable community of bacteria under large variation in contamination.” Luc Elegheert, Project Execution Manager Port Klang WWTP
“The Bar Screens have been running without issue since installation. We have had to do little maintenance since then. This plant receives large amounts of rags and debris daily, and the Bar Screens have been able to handle the extreme conditions that arise. Headworks’ Bar Screens are much better than any that we’ve had in […] Francisco Estrada, Senior Plant Operator West District and Upper Brays WWTP
“Since the screen’s installation, it has run without issues and has required very little maintenance. The plant has noticed a large reduction in ragging issues, which has directly reduced overhead costs and maintenance on the pumps, clarifiers and gates throughout the facility, allowing our operators more time to effectively carry out other projects at our […] Linda Marin, Plant Superintendent Homestead WWTP