Stephen Koho

Plant Manager - Edmonds WWTP

“The unique setup of our plant created an unusual solids handling problem for this equipment. The majority of solid compactors on the market are designed to deal with a minimum amount of water at a steady state of flow. Frankly, the static screen above the compacting device wasn’t my first choice. I was a bit skeptical. During the design process, though, I truly appreciated being able to speak directly with the engineer who developed the solution rather than just dealing solely through the company’s project manager. Everyone at Headworks worked as a team.

Headworks’ engineers were able to devise a solution that solved our problem without increasing our maintenance. Their lead R&D engineer suggested the use of a static screen to remove approximately 50% of the carrier water before the screenings ever arrived at the solids compactor. This solution allowed the equipment to meet our specifications without adding a bigger footprint. Much to my delight, and despite my initial skepticism, there have been no problems with this installation once it was completed. We’ve been happy with the performance ever since. Let me just add that the Headworks Bar Screens are great, too. Even if a bomb hits the place I know that the screens will remain standing. They’re simply bulletproof! Headworks’ Bar Screens were the highlight of the project.”