Case Studies

In the following case studies, you’ll see how Headworks International has provided the experience and expertise necessary to develop customized biological wastewater treatment solutions for applications in a wide variety of industries.

  • House of Raeford, Rose Hill, North Carolina

    MBBR Meets New Discharge Standards While Handling High and Fluctuating Organic Loads

  • Village Creek WWTP
  • HIT – Frac Tank – Claude Resources
  • HIT Systems
  • Majis – Sohar, Oman
  • Bahrain Textile Effluent Treatment Plant

    Headworks BIO’s Experts Discover Root of Problem at Failing Textile Effluent Treatment Background The textile..

  • Headworks Integrated Treatment System
  • New 2015 HIT Systems
  • Solutions for Remote Sites in the Resource Sector
  • Tanmiah Food Group, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Headworks Brings Turnkey Solution for Poultry Wastewater in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Jamaica Public Service Company

    ActiveCell® Biological Treatment System Treats Wastewater for Reuse Application

  • Hartford WPCF

    Hartford, Wisconsin WPCF Operates a Problem Free Headworks® Screen

  • Waterpark Pump Station

    The Advantages of Headworks’® Bar Screen are Crystal Clear!

  • Everett WPCF

    Everett WPCF

  • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

    After Six Years, Headworks® Equipment is Still Running Strong for WSSC

  • West District and Upper Brays WWTP

    West District and Upper Brays WWTP

  • Treaschwig Wastewater Treatment Facility

    No Babysitter Needed for the Headworks® Bar Screen

  • Tillman Water Reclamation Plant

    MS™ Bar Screens Simplify Maintenance and Increase Tranquility

  • Tacoma, Washington

    Tacoma Washington’s Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Happy for Over Eight Years

  • Sycamore Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Sycamore Standardizes On Headworks Inc. After Plant Submerged in Flood

  • Sussex WWTP

    Sussex, Wisconsin WWTP

  • Headworks Bar Sulphur Springs

    Headworks Bar Sulphur Springs

  • Sudbury WWTP

    Headworks® Steps Up to the Challenge of Cavernous Screening

  • Springdale Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Springdale, Arkansas Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Call Headworks Screens Bullet Proof!

  • Spiralman at Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant

    “The estimated reduction in labor and power costs as a result of the constructed improvements..

  • Facility Upgrade Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

    Facility Upgrade Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

  • Shahad Temghar Plant

    Headworks® Installs Two Enormous MS® Bar Screens in India

  • Sellers Street Pumping Station

    Pumps No Longer Clogging Up at Sellers Street Pumping Station, New Jersey

  • Scavenger Septic Receiving Station

    Scavenger Septic Receiving Station

  • Reynosa WWTP 1 and 2

    Reliable Bar Screens and Perforated-Plate Screens, for Many Years of Operation

  • Pine Bluff, Arkansas

    Pump Station Sees Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • Portland East End Facility

    Headworks’ Inc. MS® Bar Screen – Once Again Proves Superior to Our Competition’s Step Screen

  • City of Port Saint Lucie, Florida

    City of Port Saint Lucie, Florida

  • Port, Huron, Michigan Success Story!

    Port Huron, Michigan Success Story!

  • Patton Street Pump Station

    Headworks® Fine Screens: The Solution to Any Screenings Challenge

  • Norfolk Southern Corporation

    Headworks® Bar Screen Takes on Railway’s Bottle Cap Challenge

  • New Canaan Wastewater Treatment Plant

    New Canaan Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Morristown WWTP

    Morristown WWTP

  • Mill Creek & other Cincinnati Installations

    City of Cincinnati MSD Extols Headworks MS™ Bar Screens’ Stellar 15-Year Performance

  • Borough of Mifflinburg WWTP

    Dual Stage Screening System Safeguards Largest MBRs in Chesapeake Bay

  • McCain

    Headworks’ MS® Bar Screens As the Ideal Solution for Leading Frozen Food Company in China

  • City of London, Ontario, Canada

    Headworks® Screens Installed in a Tight Space

  • Lindsborg WWTP

    Lindsborg WWTP is Brushed Up by a Spiralman™

  • Limavady WWTF

    MS® Bar Screens Replace Two-Stage Screening System

  • Kearny Pump Station

    Pumping Station and Hudson County Jail Kearny, New Jersey

  • George W. Kuhn Drain

    Headworks® Completes One of the Largest Screening Projects in North America

  • Guiyang Baiyun STP

    Guiyang Baiyun STP

  • Greenwood Lakes WRF

    Screenfield Retrofit Saves Greenwood Lakes WRF Time and Money

  • North Buffalo WWTP

    North Buffalo Wastewater Treatment Plant Employs Problem-Free Headworks Screens to Help Maintain City of Greensboro’s..

  • Greater Lawrence Sanitation District

    Greater Lawrence SD chooses Headworks® MS ® Bar Screen Upgrade

  • Gold Bar WWTP

    Headworks Bar Screen’s Lower Sprocket Design Is Once Again the Gold Standard

  • Glenbard WWTP

    Glenbard WWTP: Cleaning Cycle Reduced by More Than 50 % by Headworks’ MS™ Bar Screen

  • City of Galveston

    City of Galveston

  • Fourche Creek Plant

    Headworks® Inc. Perforator is Tops at Fine Screening

  • Everett WWTP

    Award-Winning Everett, Washington Chooses Headworks to Protect Its CSO Wastewater Facility and the Puget Sound

  • Enniskillen WWTP

    Northern Ireland Water Upgrades Enniskillen WWTP with MS® Bar Screens

  • Edmonds WWTP

    Headworks Engineers Develop Quick Fix to Unique Challenge

  • East Bank WWTP

    Headworks® MS ® Bar Screen Survives Hurricane Katrina

  • Downstream Environmental

    New Method for Recycling Restaurant Waste Uses a Headworks’ MS® Bar Screen

  • Disneyland Hong Kong

    Disneyland Hong Kong Kept Clean by Headworks ® MS ® Bar Screens

  • Des Moines Multiple Projects

    Headworks Inc. MS® Bar Screen – Repeat Costumers are Happy Costumers

  • WWTP at Carapongo, Peru

    Evidence that Headworks® Inc. Produces The Meanest Toughest Screens In The World!

  • City of Canmore

    City of Canmore

  • Camrosa Water Reclamation Facility CA

    MS Bar Screen Solves Odor & Debris Issues at Water Reclamation Facility

  • Caguas Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Caguas Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Cadiz Pump Station Texas

    Proof of Headworks MS® Bar Screen’s Exceptional Durability

  • Beto Prison TX

    Small but Powerful MS® Bar Screen Handles Prison Waste Effectively

  • Beltway WWTP Houston, TX

    First MS Bar Screen Installed in the United States – Still Running Strong!

  • Barelas Pump Station

    Barelas Pump Station

  • Banklick Pump Station, Kentucky

    Banklick Pump Station, Kentucky

  • Amherst, NY

    Case Study: Amherst WWTP, New York Background Only twenty miles from Niagara Falls and less..

  • Wacuman Landfill Leachate Treatment

    MBBR Wastewater Facility for Landfill Leachate Treatment

  • ActiveCell Biofilm MBBR Process for Unilever

    Headworks BIO’s ActiveCell™ Biofilm MBBR Process for Unilever Introduction Unilever Sri Lanka was incorporated in..

  • Turnkey Solution for Poultry Wastewater

    Headworks Brings Turnkey Solution for Poultry Wastewater in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Seabee Frac Tank

    MBBR Nitrification System for Seabee Gold Mine

  • SAFWA Plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Headworks’s MBBR Process for SAFWA Plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • SABIC Saudi Arabia

    Headworks® Continues Petrochemical-Related Sales Growth with High Profile Contract for SABIC Plant

  • Fatty Ester IFAS Upgrade

    Headworks Bio Brings IFAS Upgrade to Port Klang WwTP in Malaysia

  • Oasis of the Seas

    CleanSea® System Treats Wastewater Onboard the Largest Cruise Ship in the World

  • Mubarak WWTP

    Headwork BIO’s MBBR Technology Rehabilitates Failed Membrane Plant in Egypt

  • Moorhead WPCF

    Wastewater Pollution Control Facility Achieves High Rate Nitrification with MBBR Installation

  • Mizkan Condiment Production Plant

    MBBR Meets New Discharge Standards While Handling High and Fluctuating Organic Loads

  • Mirant Corporation

    ActiveCell® Biological Treatment System Treats Wastewater for Reuse Application

  • King Saud University Saudi Arabia

    Headworks BIO Brings MBBR/IFAS Upgrade to King Saud University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Keystone Landfill PA

    MBBR Process Increases Landfill Treatment Capacity by 209% Without Requiring Additional Footprint

  • Inland Empire Paper WA

    The Proof is in the Paper

  • Inland Empire Paper Company

    MBBR Helps Reduce BOD Loading in Paper Plant Effluent 

  • Camp Sunshine

    Headworks BIO Creates a Unique Solution for a Unique Facility.

  • Two Stage IFAS Process at Dairy Plant

    Headworks Bio Brings Two Stage IFAS to Milk Factory in Lagos, Nigeria

  • Agnico-Eagle Mines

    MBBR Retrofit Provides an Increase in Capacity Without Interrupting Mining Operations.

  • Al Shamal STP

    Creating Reusable Water in Qatar –With Headworks BIO’s Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants.

  • Keystone Sanitary Landfill

    MBBR Process Increases Landfill Treatment Capacity by 209% Without Requiring Additional Footprint.

  • El Roble

    Headworks Commissions First IFAS System in Costa Rica

  • MBBR/IFAS Upgrade to Dubai Investment Park

    Headworks Bio Brings MBBR/IFAS Upgrade to Dubai Investment Park in United Arab Emirates

  • High Liner Fishery Products – Danvers, MA

    MBBR Eliminates Odor Problems While Reaching Effluent Targets at Fish Processing Plant

  • MBBR Wastewater Treatment Solution for 5-Star Resort

    Headworks BIO MBBR Wastewater Treatment Solution for 5-Star Resort

  • Batesville

    Headworks Awarded One of the Largest Nitrification Projects in the U.S.