Unlike most screenings compactors, the Headworks® Transpactor shaftless spiral conveyor/compactor is a high-capacity dewatering device for transporting and compacting screenings material in one unit. An alloy steel shaftless spiral rests in a polyethylene-lined stainless steel trough. Solids are fed directly into the unit and the shaftless spiral conveys the screenings through the transport section. An optional wash zone can be provided, where a flow of wash water removes organics. The trough transitions into a perforated or wedge wire tube in the press zone to allow for dewatering. Transpactors can sit at inclines up to 25 degrees and supplied in lengths up to 50 feet. The Transpactor shaftless spiral conveyor/compactor can accept screenings from multiple screens.

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  • Capacities as high as 210 ft/hr. (64m/hr)
  • Easily adaptable to your screening system
  • Optional Wash Zone removes organics
  • Optional Continuous Bagging Unit for odor control and housekeeping