Plant Enhancements and Upgrades

The process enhancement and low-cost retrofit capabilities of media-based technologies enable our customers to increase capacity and improve the performance of biological treatment systems to meet more demanding influent characteristics or more stringent regulatory discharge requirements. Dramatic treatment performance improvements, coupled with reduced construction time, especially where plants are extremely overloaded, offers an attractive economic alternative to conventional upgrade options. Continuous ongoing support form the basis of each of the performance enhancement and MBBR plant upgrade packages that Headworks offers to the market.

An MBBR plant upgrade or expansion can supersize your capacity within a small footprint!


With the Headworks Bio retrofit above, two retrofitted clarifier reactors (A) can treat as much as five reactors of a traditional Activated Sludge system (B). This treatment includes the addition of denitrification. 

Batesville - Lagoon Upgrade

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Conventional biological wastewater systems can greatly benefit from measurable enhancements to the treatment process through a plant upgrade. By retrofitting a conventional system with sufficient aeration, retention screens, and biocarriers, wastewater treatment performance can be doubled in capacity. This is accomplished easily with minimal plant downtime and no construction. In space-constrained sites, a considerable benefit is the increased performance without additional land use.


MBBR processes designed for today’s wastewater flows can be easily expanded to meet tomorrow’s increased flow or concentration levels. This is accomplished by simply adding more biofilm carriers to the process – supplementing the existing process with increased active surface area, yielding increased biodegradation capacity in the existing system with minimal process adjustments.

  • Batesville Sept 2016
  • El Roble

    First MBBR/IFAS installation in Costa Rica. In late 2013, Headworks Bio Inc. was awarded a contract with General Contractor Soluciones Tecnicas Ambientales, S.A. – “SOLAMSA” to supply an IFAS system to upgrade the existing PTAR El Roble conventional activated sludge (CAS) treatment facility in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

  • DIP - Dubai Industrial Park