Perforator® Perforated Plate Wastewater Screen

The Headworks® Perforator Wastewater Screen design provides increased capture rates with fine openings. The Perforator is a “Perforated-Plate Screen” with perforated elements that form a continuous band that faces perpendicular to the channel. Screenings are captured by the elements and are lifted to the discharge point, where they are removed by the Dual-Surge spray header system.

The material is discharged into a sluice trough, conveyor, and/or screenings washer/compactor. The Headworks® Perforator Wastewater Screen design facilitates ease of installation and dependable operation. The perforated plate screen incorporates sieve elements that are mounted on chains on both sides of the self-contained frame. This arrangement allows for screenings to form a mat.

Our philosophy of manufacturing the most robust Bar Screen in the industry influenced the design of the Perforator Screen.

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  • Dual Surge™ a dual wash water system. Minimizes screenings carry-over.
  • Multiplex™ Sealing system. A multi-layer system made of stainless steel, HDPE, and rubber components eliminates the need to use brushes to seal the sieve elements to the frame. This minimizes the potential for screenings bypass.
  • Totally enclosed for odor control. Easily removable screen covers provide easy access for maintenance.
  • Corrosion resistant. Engineered with durable stainless steel components.
  • Pivots out of channel. This optional feature can be provided for easy cleaning and maintenance.
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