MS™ Series Wastewater Bar Screen

Headworks International leads the industry with its MS Bar Screen series, offering unparalleled performance for deep channels, high flows, combined sewers, and handling large debris in wastewater treatment.

The Headworks Bar Screen boasts a front-raked, front-return design with multiple rake bars mounted to chains located on each side of the self-contained frame. This ensures no solids carryover and facilitates enclosure for odor control and hygiene enhancement. Available in three model sizes—MS1, MS2, and MS3 —we provide a tailored solution for any channel size and flow condition in wastewater treatment applications.

With 27 years of expertise as the premier multi-rake bar screen manufacturer globally, our wastewater screens are engineered for widths exceeding 10′ (3m), lengths surpassing 100′ (35m), and flow capacities over 300 mgd (11m3/s) per unit. With over 2,000 installations worldwide, our screens are renowned for reliability and efficiency in wastewater treatment.

The MS Bar Screen Series is the Best in the Wastewater Treatment Industry!

Project manager Greg Baranski for Centerline Piping, Inc., which handled the plumbing and mechanical subcontract for the GWK RTB project


George W. Kuhn Drain

Everything about this project is big, and the resulting impact on the environment is equally big. Naturally, for such a ‘big’ project the screens would have to come from a Texas company.

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  • Removes obstructions easily. The unique auto-reverse feature makes obstruction removal quick and easy.
  • High hydraulic capacity. The screens hydraulic capacity accommodates approximately 2 mgd/ft2 (1m3/s) of screening area.
  • Low headloss. Even with 1/4 inch (6mm) bar spacing.
  • Reduced blinding. Our bar screen offers a fast cleaning cycle of down to 5 seconds.
  • Corrosion resistant. Engineered with durable all stainless steel components.
  • Low profile. The Headworks Bar Screen requires less than 3 feet (1m) above discharge point.
  • Rugged roller chains. The true roller chains are manufactured from Grade 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Fast and easy maintenance. Most components are easily accessible and serviced from the Operating Floor Level. The unit can also be designed to pivot out of the channel for complete access to all components.
  • Self-Lubricating Lower Bearing. Field proven, robust Ceramic/HDPE Lower Bearing. No external lubrication source required. Optional Lower Turnaround available on request.
  • Bar Spacing. As low as 3/16″ (4mm) for increased sanitary wipe removal.
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