ActiveMox (PN/A Anammox) – Biological Wastewater Treatment

Headworks has pioneered the ActiveMox process for efficient wastewater treatment, designed for total nitrogen removal before discharge into confined receiving water bodies. This innovative solution ensures that concentrations of oxygen-depleting nutrients within these water bodies do not harm aquatic life.

ActiveMox represents a cutting-edge, single-stage ammonia and total nitrogen removal biofilm process seamlessly integrated into the Anaerobic Treatment System framework. Leveraging the Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) or Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) platform, this technology harnesses the power of the ActiveCell media to foster anaerobic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (Anammox) and ammonia-oxidizing-bacteria-enriched (AOB) biomass. It is particularly adept at sidestream de-ammonification applications, offering superior performance in Biological Wastewater Treatment scenarios.

ActiveMox stands out for its simplicity and stability, making it a preferred choice for treating centrate or filtrate generated by conventional anaerobic digestion (AD) processes or AD subsequent to thermal hydrolysis processes (THP). This comprehensive solution streamlines wastewater treatment processes while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and environmental sustainability goals.

Overview of ActiveMox as a sidestream application

Special advantages of ActiveMox 

  • Much more cost-effective for high strength wastes (> 3000 mg/L COD) over the aerobic biological wastewater treatment.
  • Does not consume power continuously for aeration to oxidize pollutants in water. It has lower operation costs compared to other treatment methods.
  • Produces biogas that contains about 60% CH4 and 40% CO2, which is used for energy and revenue generation.
  • The growth of new cells is less than that for aerobic processes by orders of magnitude, so the sludge production is significantly lower.

The ActiveMox (PN/A Anammox) Biological Wastewater Treatment process removes nitrogen in a single reactor instead of multiple reactors in the traditional MLE process.

Advantages Of ActiveMox™  Vs. Conventional Nitrogen Removal Process

  • 75% lower total cost per kg of nitrogen removed
  • 60% less energy consumption 90% less sludge production 50% smaller footprint
  • Reduced OPEX due to lower operating DO and alkalinity consumption
  • No external carbon source required Overall lower carbon footprint.

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Key features of ActiveMox™ Biological Wastewater Treatment

  • Handles highly variable loads
  • ActiveCell media are long-lasting, offering more than 20 years of service life
  • Faster start-up compared to traditional Anammox processes
  • Minimal maintenance required – media retention screens, drain screens, and the SS aeration system require no maintenance
  • The media-based MBBR process eliminates the risk of Anammox washout, requiring no Anammox/MLSS separation equipment
  • Allows for extended shutdown periods and quicker restarts.