ActiveMox (PN/A Anammox)

Headworks developed the ActiveMox process to treat wastewater for total nitrogen removal before discharge to confined receiving water bodies. This process ensures that concentrations of oxygen-depleting nutrients within these water bodies do not harm aquatic life.

ActiveMox is a single-stage ammonia and total nitrogen removal biofilm process based on the Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) or Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) platform. It uses the ActiveCell media to nurture anaerobic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (Anammox) and ammonia-oxidizing-bacteria-enriched (AOB) biomass for applications involving sidestream de-ammonification.

From an operations and maintenance standpoint, ActiveMox is a simple and stable technology for treating centrate or filtrate from a conventional anaerobic digestion (AD) process or AD following a thermal hydrolysis process (THP).

Overview of ActiveMox as a sidestream application

Special advantages of ActiveMox

  • Much more cost-effective for high strength wastes (> 3000 mg/L COD) over the aerobic treatment.
  • Does not consume power continuously for aeration to oxidize pollutants in water. It has lower operation costs compared to other treatment methods.
  • Produces biogas that contains about 60% CH4 and 40% CO2, which is used for energy and revenue generation.
  • The growth of new cells is less than that for aerobic processes by orders of magnitude, so the sludge production is significantly lower.

The ActiveMox (PN/A Anammox) process removes nitrogen in a single reactor instead of multiple reactors in the traditional MLE process.

Advantages Of ActiveMox™ Vs. Conventional Nitrogen Removal Process

  • 75% lower total cost per kg of nitrogen removed
  • 60% less energy consumption 90% less sludge production 50% smaller footprint
  • Reduced OPEX due to lower operating DO and alkalinity consumption
  • No external carbon source required Overall lower carbon footprint.

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Key features of ActiveMox™

  • Handles highly variable loads
  • ActiveCell media are long-lasting, offering more than 20 years of service life
  • Faster start-up compared to traditional Anammox processes
  • Minimal maintenance required – media retention screens, drain screens, and the SS aeration system require no maintenance
  • The media-based MBBR process eliminates the risk of Anammox washout, requiring no Anammox/MLSS separation equipment
  • Allows for extended shutdown periods and quicker restarts.