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September 2019

Hello HeadsUp Readers,

Michele LaNoue
Michele LaNoue

At Headworks International, our focus is on the continuing improvement of the processes, technologies and equipment needed to treat water and make it once again reusable. Water is a limited resource, and the very best environmentally sustainable approach we can take towards the reserves we have is to recycle water efficiently, economically and effectively.

There are a number of methods available.  Some are more appropriate in a given set of circumstances than others.  Although the methods we specialize in are extremely flexible and can be implemented in virtually any industry, not just in municipal sewage treatment, our team of process engineers is devoted to advising our customers on how they should proceed, even if the best choice of technology is not part of our portfolio.  It is this dedication to wanting only the best for our customers which sets us apart from our competition.  This month, we include a tale of two cities, highlighting two very different applications of one of our technologies, “IFAS”, including an explanation of how it works.

We are just a few short weeks away from WEFTEC 2019.  This is our 25th Exhibition at the largest water-related tradeshow in North America.  Frankly, it is hard to believe that so many years have gone by.  Our first WEFTEC experience was in Chicago with our industry-changing bar screen and our 3-month-old baby daughter.  As our daughter is now 25, it must be true that a quarter of a century has passed… You’ll find the team this year again in Chicago. Come by and say hello at Booth 3442, see our equipment, and talk with our awesome engineers!

Extreme weather events are happening in many countries.  While writing this issue of HeadsUp, Hurricane Dorian is only starting to leave the Bahamas, which it slammed into on Sunday as a Category 5 hurricane.  Having lived through several hurricane events in Houston, none of them good, it is clear to us that the hurricane suddenly stopping over the islands for more than a day was the worst outcome possible.  Although it is now a Category 2 hurricane, it has expanded in size as it inches away from the Bahamas on its way to the United States. Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone in the path of such a storm.  As an independent commonwealth, having gained independence from Great Britain in 1973, we hope the world comes quickly to their aid. The Red Cross is already ready to help as word comes in that whole communities have been wiped out and Nassau is still three feet under water, including all hospitals, after twenty feet of water was pushed across the Grand Bahamas by the force of the storm.

Meanwhile, a quarter of the world’s population is running out of water.  Some of these are naturally arid countries, but many are countries where their precious water resources are being wasted unnecessarily.  An August article in the NY Times maps out for us the areas in high stress.  You can see on the map that India is particularly widely hard hit, but no continent is immune.  Additionally, the Wall Street Journal ran an article a week ago entitled “India is Running Out of Water: We Can’t Waste a Drop.” As our populations continue to explode, adding additional pressure to the finite resources on the planet, responsible planning and actions should be the focus of each local government.  Lack of water, food and the opportunity to create a safe and fruitful life drive people to extreme measures, from fleeing from everything they know to a foreign location in order to survive, to choosing violence as a way to control the chaos around them. Our team can convert wastewater to reusable water, but if there is no water in the region, reusable water could be non-existent. Better water management, including recycling used water, is imperative.

October 23rd is the fifth annual Imagine a Day Without Water campaign. For one whole day, people around the world will be focused on this essential resource with community and school events, editorials, company events, and other creative ways to educate people on the value of water.  Our readers all understand water’s value, obviously, and are well positioned to bring this awareness to their communities.  What will you do on October 23rd?  There are many ideas at the website link above.  Hopefully, you will take the time to register and start your own mini-campaign to highlight the value of water.  This issue needs to be at the forefront of our environmental dialogues as we consider how we will be a more sustainable inhabitant of this lovely Planet Earth.

As we hear at the end of beer commercials, drink [water], but responsibly!

And please donate what you can to the people in the Bahamas.

Warm regards from Houston,


Michele LaNoue

Headworks International Inc.

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