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March 2019

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Michele LaNoue
Michele LaNoue

Here we are, beginning the month of March.  The last month of the first quarter of 2019.  The month with the Ides of March, of which we should beware.  It was also the month Christopher Columbus returned from the Americas to Spain.  In fact, he landed on the Ides of March.  So many endings which by their own nature become beginnings.

In 2011, Headworks was awarded a project by the City of Tomball, Texas, once famously known as the “Oil City.”  The City is rich in history, and you can read about it in this month’s Case Study.  The City wanted to end the amount of debris getting into their wastewater treatment plant by installing a screen which would remove anything larger than 6 millimeters. The screen has been operating successfully for these 8 years and the operators there are extremely satisfied with the benefits they are seeing downstream with all of the rags and trash no longer clogging up other equipment. Headworks ended their headaches so they could begin to focus on other maintenance matters.

What I would really like to end is the use of plastic water bottles.  Countries, cities and some US states are moving to ban one-use plastics, which is a great trend.  But what really makes me crazy, though, are charities which use plastic bottles of water to raise money for clean water initiatives.  Using plastic bottled water to help the water crisis is what?  Not really an oxymoron.  Nor a paradox.  Although it feels like both in some ways.  I’ve written a total diatribe on how I really feel about these funding campaigns, what happens to plastic when it breaks down in the oceans, and how we can do better. And I am asking charities to stop this method of fundraising now, please!  You can skip the article, but when next you are in Starbucks, also skip buying their bottled water Ethos.  Plastic bottles are never charitable.  We can end this and start a new beginning with paper boxes.

I was going to write about pesticides in our beer and wine, but after writing the article on plastic water bottles, I feel that covering pesticides at this point would be too much of a Debbie Downer moment.  I’ll save the topic for next month, even though ending pesticides in our drinks is definitely something we should think about.

So, if the plastic piece got you down, or something else is frustrating you at times, here is a Harvard Business Review article with a few great ways to end a bad mood.  As they discuss, negativity doesn’t just affect you, it spreads like wildfire to those around you.  We all have trying days now and then, but remembering to find things we are grateful for when that Debbie or Don Downer mood first strikes, for example, can help you end the downward spiral for you and those nearby!

And me? I’m extremely grateful for all of the kind HeadsUp readers!  And now it’s time to end this Newsletter…

Until April, when we begin again!

Michele LaNoue

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