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June 2020

Michele LaNoue
Michele LaNoue

Hello to all HeadsUp Readers!

It’s been months since I’ve sent out the HeadsUp newsletter.  In fact, the last issue was sent in January. I’ve reread that New Year’s message. It was filled with hope and excitement about this new decade. By the end of January, we all saw what was happening in Europe with the Coronavirus moving out of China. Then came February and the disease showing up in the West Coast of the United States.  By March it was in all 50 States.

At the beginning of February, I wrote a newsletter still eager for what 2020 would bring, imbued with the positive attitude I learned from my father. As the disease swarmed through my country and other nations, I put the article aside as its tone might have seemed insensitive to those whose loved ones or friends had contracted the disease.

By mid-March, the office was closed, and everyone was working remotely, learning to deal with the new reality enveloping the world. You all have experienced this difficult time yourselves.

Throughout those three months, my father’s cancer was spreading after decades of his beating the odds. On March 28th, my beloved father, mentor, best friend, and most amazing person I knew passed into the next adventure that waits for us all.

So, you will all forgive my silence, I know.

But, as my father taught me to be, I am still eternally, even chronically hopeful for all of us.  We are resilient, we humans.  Our forefathers made it through plagues and wars. And so will we.

Of course, there are moments when resilience comes hard won. But resilience is what we need. I had set aside this article on the topic long ago and meant to send it out in March, before the world changed. It seems almost laughable now that we thought our pre-Pandemic days were sometimes difficult to navigate. We always seemed to be searching for ways to deal with the daily stress, to be tougher. But it turns out that it isn’t about being tougher. Resilience is gained by simply taking the time to recharge, not by pushing through. A lesson even more urgently needed as we face each new day. We need to seize resilience as we don our masks, wash our hands, put on gloves, and venture out into the COVID World.

Because we will get through this if we are careful and protect each other – the parents grandparents, children and siblings you love, the neighbors and friends you cherish, even the stranger next to you in the aisle of the grocery store. We take precautions not for just today, not just for ourselves, but for tomorrow when the vaccine is found and distributed and shot in our arms and we push on. After recharging.

Carpe diem et mollitiam – et carpe larva tua!

Michele LaNoue

Headworks International Inc.

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