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June 2019

Hello to All of Our HeadsUp Readers,

Michele LaNoue
Michele LaNoue

We are so excited! This June is a momentous month for Headworks International.  The company was created 25 years ago with the sole aim of making a significant and positive impact on the world’s water resources.  On June 21st, our mission hits a truly inspiring milestone:  our equipment will have screened the debris from 100 TRILLION gallons of water (approximately 380 cubic kilometers)! How much water is that?

One visual description I found is that a million-gallon swimming pool would be 267 feet long (81+ meters), 50 feet wide (15+ meters), and 10 feet deep (3+ meters).  Now, multiple that pool image by 100 million in your head.  Doesn’t help?  Well, here’s another way to visualize it – Niagara Falls flows at a rate of 757,500 gallons a second, so 100 trillion gallons would let you see that magnificent waterfall cascading downward for over 4 years!  That is a lot of water! Oh, and add to that another 500 billion gallons of water our newer HW Bio division has processed to make it clean enough for reuse for cities and industries around the world.  The team at Headworks has certainly made a terrific start on our collective mission!

Staying with the theme of “big things,” back in December’s HeadsUp issue, we wrote about our having finished fabricating the largest municipal screens in the world for the Village Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Birmingham, Alabama.  Our case study this month goes for a visit to those screens now that they’ve been installed.  We’ll show you through new drone footage how well they’re functioning, and you’ll read why the City’s operators are delighted to have made this long-term investment in the best screens on the market.

Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere and that means vacations, relaxing in the sun, picnics, swimming, boating, hiking and, of course, reading those great books you’ve been meaning to get to.  June 6th marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  In honor of that heroic effort, there isn’t a better book to review this month than Antony Beevor’s D-Day.  I haven’t finished the book yet, so the review is brief, but it is the right book for this month in so many ways.  We honor all of the people who sacrificed their safety for the lives and future of others.  I’ve included a photo of my father who, as I’m writing this newsletter, is attending a D-Day celebration here in Houston honoring WWII veterans, of whom I am proud to say my father is one.  (Why am I not there, you wonder?  I was meant to be out of town at a conference, so didn’t have a ticket. I did help Dad and Gerald with their bowties, though!)

We all have our heroes.  People who have lived their lives in a way that inspires us to do better.  I have several, including my father and Winston Churchill who top the list.  So, I leave you with a link to one of Churchill’s many meaningful quotes, this one on his reflections on the value of following your conscience.  It is what we try to do at Headworks day after day.  It is what those heroes did on D-Day and the many days of war before and after the invasion.  It is what my father taught me.

Until next month, we wish you the courage to follow your conscience wherever it leads.

Michele LaNoue

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