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July 2019

Hello and Happy July to you, our HeadsUp Readers,

Michele LaNoue
Michele LaNoue

Last month we hit a HUGE milestone:  Headworks Int’l. has screened the debris from over 100 TRILLION gallons of water (approximately 380 cubic kilometers) and our biological process installations have transformed over 500 Billion gallons (almost two trillion liters) of dirty water into environmentally wholesome water from cities and industries around the globe!  How do we do it? With installations both big and small working reliably around the clock wherever wastewater treatment plants need robust and easy to operate solutions.

This month we highlight our 2018 screen installation at the largest wastewater treatment plant in the USA.  Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant in Los Angeles, California, is one of the largest and certainly most innovative wastewater treatment plants in the world. It reclaims for reuse an astonishing 250 mgd (950,000 m3/day) per day of wastewater and holds the distinction of being the first plant to reclaim water on such a large scale.  Selection to provide equipment to Hyperion is one of the highest complements an equipment manufacturer can aspire to as they thoroughly research the advantages and disadvantages of available products and only select the best.  After seeing our MS Bar Screens operate in some of the City’s other plants, Los Angeles chose Headworks as the sole acceptable provider for their high-profile Hyperion facility!  And, yes, our screens are certified earthquake-proof.

Around the world, with the exception of the Flat Earthers and the like, people are growing more and more concerned about climate change.  As I write this newsletter, the temperatures across Europe have been 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (11 to 17 Celsius) higher than normal. Hundreds of record temperatures for June, some for any month, were broken across Western and Central Europe.  The oceans are so polluted with waste and plastics that fish are dying. Gray whales are starving to death and washing up on the California coast.  Air pollution is causing cancer levels to rise and asthma suffering to increase. Politically we seem more divided and divisive than ever. And on and on.  It’s not surprising that one study found that 70% of Americans say they feel overwhelmed by the news and 56% say that the news is a significant source of stress in their lives. All this bad news is making us disengage and give up on finding solutions.  So, what we need are little mood “pick me ups” and more constructive journalism.  Check out this piece I found on the Washington Post to see what I mean.  It even has a neat little test that shows you how a few second video can change your mood.  I’m definitely not endorsing the product pitched on this piece, but the science is well presented.  And face it, you need a break from bad news!

A few weeks back, I was glancing through the news with my morning coffee and saw a story that was at first so crazy, such a last straw of bad news that I almost spit coffee on myself.  It’s not enough all of the bad news we’ve been reading.  Now we are going to be invaded by space aliens!   I’ve written an escapism essay on how we can all be saved on Earth.  Please take it in the “tongue in cheek” spirit it is meant in!

There is no mistaking with this heat that it’s summer time.  Relax in some shade, in a body of water, on top of a glacier, or in air conditioning if you can find it, and grab a good book.  I’ve just finished reading Amor Towles’ A Gentleman in Moscow, which is such a fascinating concept of a story.  Check out my review for a possible addition to your summer reading list.

There is clearly a need to find ways to break loose from the Chinese water torture-like drip drip drip of bad news.  A good book is certainly one way to take a break.  Have a personal favorite way to escape all of the negative noise?  A favorite book?  Send it along to us at and we’ll share your best ideas with the rest of our readership.

Michele LaNoue

Headworks International Inc.

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