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January 2020

Michele LaNoue
Michele LaNoue

Happy New Year to All of Our HeadsUp Readers!

It’s 2020 and I’m hopeful that it will be a great decade for the world’s people.  I’m truly excited to see what new ideas and technologies will be developed over this decade. Ten years from now, what will the world look like?  How will we communicate, what will we be driving, how will we be sharing the resources on Planet Earth with each other, will people have started colonies on the moon or Mars? There are just so many possibilities.

Cities in water-scarce areas like Goodyear, Arizona, need to remove as much debris as possible from the wastewater their growing cities generate so that they can turn it into reusable water.  Our Case Study this month tells the tale of how and why Paul W. Litchfield, then a junior executive at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, came to Arizona in 1917 during WWI to start a cotton farm in the middle of nowhere.  Litchfield was a brilliant inventory and leader and it is clear why he ultimately became the president of the tire company.  It’s a really interesting history which I’m sure you’ll enjoy!  Sr. VP Gerald Seidl recently visited the city and the Perforator® perforated plate screen we supplied them back in 2016. We are extremely proud of the recent testimony given by the Operations Supervisor, Gary Tuning, to our Perforator’s quality and durability included in the article.

Companies like ours continue to work on innovations to improve the quality of the world’s water, find new ways of harnessing water for reuse, and teach the public about ways each of us can make a difference.  Even the Weather Channel is making a difference with their Forecast: Change initiative, changing their name to The Water Channel for World Environment Day back in June.  We have a short article with some fun links covering not just their initiative, but how you can save 25% off your home electric bill while saving water!

So, the holidays are behind you, you have a plan on how to save water for the world and save on your electric bill, too, and now it’s time for a break.  What better way than to meditate.  Meditation has limitless benefits and can be done anywhere, anytime.  You can do walking meditations, meditate at your desk, meditate when you wake up or go to sleep.  No lotus position required!  Haven’t tried it before?  Well, no class required, either.  There are countless apps out there that will guide you through meditation until you feel comfortable doing it on your own.  I use a couple of them. One I like is by Sonima which also covers yoga, fitness and food.  Their guided meditations are a great place to start.

What will this do for you? A mere 10 minutes a day of meditation will change the way you react to everything, not just improve your mental and physical condition.  The article discusses the benefits of meditation and gives additional tips on how to save that precious morning time for the important tasks at hand when we are at our potentially most focused. Ever wish you had thought about what to say for just a second before you spoke?  That is what you can gain from a regular meditation practice of 10 little minutes a day.  I’ve saved this Harvard Business Review article for just the right HeadsUp issue. What better time to share it with everyone than the beginning of a new decade!

Wishing all of you a happy, healthful, thoughtful and successful 2020!

Michele LaNoue

Headworks International Inc.

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