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January 2019

Michele LaNoue

Happy 2019 to All of Our HeadsUp Readers!

New Year and New Website!  What a lot of work goes into revising a website, but it’s finally completed and looking awesome.  Like Madonna, websites should evolve with time and take on a refreshed look and that is what we’ve achieved.  Take a look for yourself –

Many multinational corporations have resolved to be environmental leaders wherever they are in the world.  We start this year with our case study on the largest personal care product manufacturing plant in the Middle East North Africa Region.  This was our fifth MBBR biological process installation for this particular customer, treating extremely challenging effluent water generated by their factory in Dubai and taking it all the way to reusable water. As you can imagine, when a plant is making numerous products such as soap, shampoo, and skin care items, the effluent water can change dramatically from one moment to the next.  To treat it takes significant know-how.  The treatment facility has been in operation for two years and the customer is well satisfied!

The New Year is a time for resolutions, many of which seem to fall to the side of the road of life as we march forward.  We resolve to exercise more, eat less, make more time for ourselves, meditate, and so forth.  Perhaps these life changes are too big a bite and that’s why they often fail.  But here is a resolution for being healthier which I believe is relatively easy: listen to more music. Science is proving its healing benefits for premature babies, people with Parkinson and depression.  Check out our article on the health benefits of music which includes a link to which collates the latest medical research on the effects of music and has a library of music developed by experts for a wide variety of health issues.  How easy is that?  Every time you get in your car, office or home and turn on music on the radio, you’ll think: This is making me happy and healthy.  Resolution kept!

Our 24-year old daughter came home for the holidays and our mission was to cook up a storm!  Think traditional stuffed turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  One recipe called for kosher salt and as we didn’t have it in our pantry, I looked up whether it made any difference.  I’ve always just used whatever salt seemed handy or appropriate, but having read this highly informative article about the differences in salt, I’m converted to paying more attention.  And with microplastics now showing up in sea salt due to the worsening pollution of the oceans, that will definitely not be in my pantry in the future!  I suggest you make that resolution as well!

Whenever our daughter is home, we tend to focus more on health with her able guidance, so the refrigerator was filled with fruits and vegetables.  Conversations often revolved around our theories about food quality impacting health and the increasing cancer rates perhaps being linked to the mass production of pesticide, toxin, hormone and antibiotic ridden food these days. I have believed this for many years, and now the science has caught up with our assumptions.  So, our third resolution after reading this abstract published in the December 2018 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association and covered by CNN here for a bit of an easier read will be to eat organic as much as possible.

Last resolution?  Well, it will be to not only eat more organic and less processed foods and cut out the sea salt, but to try to incorporate more of the top 100 most nutritious foods into our daily diet.  Scan through the list and see where your favorite foods rank (no, pizza is not on the list, sadly, but if you add arugula to it, you may feel better about yourself!)  A Texas tradition for New Year’s Day is to eat black-eyed peas, aka cowpeas, for good luck for the rest of the year.  I’ve generally managed to avoid them in the past, but now that I see they rank #49 on the list, I’m game!

If you are looking for some New Year’s Eve music to make you happy, here’s Johann Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz to bring in the year with a smile on your face and in your heart.  Wishing you a wonderful 2019!

Michele LaNoue

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