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December 2019

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Michele LaNoue
Michele LaNoue

Years seem to be getting shorter somehow. 2019 is already coming to a close. I’m sorry to see it go as it was a tremendously productive year. The Headworks Team has been hard at work fulfilling customer needs, designing new and innovative solutions for finer screening and anaerobic treatment of highly contaminated industrial wastewater, and receiving newly awarded patents. The Team also has had the privilege of designing the first MBBR plant to be installed in Hong Kong as it moves towards expanding and upgrading its systems.

When I first met Gerald Seidl, he was just moving back from Hong Kong to Vienna, Austria, his hometown.  The stories he told of his adventures in Hong Kong have always entertained our family and friends and he now shares them with you in the article he has written about what Hong Kong was like when he first moved there in 1988 and the changes he’s seen.  Gerald personally introduced the Headworks Bar Screen to Hong Kong in the early 90’s, and now our Team is providing the first MBBR plant there.  For Gerald, it is a lifetime of achievements.

The holiday season is upon us in many parts of the world.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, visiting a Christmas market can be a fun way to spend time and feel the joy of being part of a community. See the gorgeous decorations, have warm food and drink, listen to holiday music, and simply observe the interactions of people together in a unique setting. A Christmas market can dispel any bad mood.  Feeling up to traveling during the season?  Perhaps you can pick a city to visit with one of the 17 best Christmas markets in the world.  Or maybe you’re lucky enough to live in one of these beautiful cities.  Vienna has many Christmas markets all around town, the most famous of which is the one at the Rathaus, or City Hall.  There’s even an ice rink set up that circles around the decorated giant trees!  They always have the most beautiful decorations to buy, and our tree in Houston this year will be filled with them again.

Vienna was also my home for many years.  There, we celebrated the changing of the seasons and the holidays quite differently than the traditions I knew from the United States.  One of the most horrifying experiences I’ve had during the holiday season was my first December 5th evening as a mother of a 1 ½ year-old toddler, my husband away on business. There was a knock on the door to our third-floor apartment.  The house couldn’t be entered without someone buzzing you into the ground floor main door.  Who was it?  Well, I’ll tell you here if you’re curious. And don’t miss the embedded link to the children’s celebration on December 5th in Linz!

One of the best, and funniest, explanations of the differences between the way Austrians celebrate the holiday and the way we do in the USA is an interview of Christoph Waltz by Jimmy Fallon from 2014.  It makes me laugh every year.

I hope you enjoy the holidays, no matter where or how you celebrate!

See you in 2020!

Michele LaNoue

Headworks International Inc.

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