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August 2019

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Michele LaNoue
Michele LaNoue

First, I want to thank the reader who kindly pointed out how insensitive I’d been in my last newsletter.  I do understand that not everyone is convinced that climate change relates to man-made activities, and many of those people are thoughtful and intelligent.  So, if my flippancy offended, please accept my apologies.  Mea culpa.

Population growth in many areas has caused cities to rethink the way they handle their sewage.  In the early 80’s, a regional view was taken in the Sacramento area and a whopping 222 treatment plants were replaced by the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility.  The Facility receives an unusually high amount of physical debris, some of which is quite odd.  For the last 14 years, Headworks Bar Screens have been capturing the solids, and some of them are even on display at the plant.  Sr. VP Gerald Seidl visited there recently and created one of his awesome videos of the operations for our viewers.  To learn more about why cities are repeat customers and see some of the weird things our screens have captured there, check out this month’s Case Study.

Are you a reader?  Ever think of also being a writer?  Well, this month’s Summer Book Review is right up your alley.  Reading Like a Writer by aptly named Francine Prose was written for people who want to get more out of their reading.  And for those who may be reading to learn more about how to write.  This excellent book is routinely referred to by writing instructors and in writing workshops.  Even if you don’t have an urge to get that “one book everyone has in them” onto paper, you will find this a fascinating read which will allow you to better appreciate how carefully constructed your favorite tomes were by their authors.

A few weeks ago, my family traveled to Alaska with my father to get away from the heat in Houston and spend time together.  Did you know that a majority of Americans do not take their fully earned vacations?  There is some corrupted thinking going on that it is a badge of honor not to have taken a vacation in years.  Phooey on that, I say!  I am deeply grateful for the marvelous team at Headworks who enabled me to go on vacation without interruption from the office.  That mental and physical break was priceless, not to mention even more importantly the memories my family created with our time together.  Just before we left, my husband sent me this fun link on how best to set up an “away message” on my email account so people wouldn’t expect a response until I returned.  Although I didn’t use the exact example, I did find my email was noticeably calm in my absence.  My advice?  Take a vacation and stay off of your digital devices.  You’ll be amazed at how well you function when you return.

It will come as no surprise that while we were in Alaska, we regularly feasted on salmon.  We even saw salmon jumping in the ocean and running in the streams.  A great advocate for sustainable and conscientious use of our natural resources, Craig Murray, whose Nimmo Bay Resort is on my all-time bucket list, suggested that I look into the research on salmon being done by Alexandra Morton.  What I learned was disturbing.  More years ago than I would like to admit, while obtaining my degree at Texas A&M in Wildlife & Fisheries Science, I learned what keystone species mean in the world’s food chain.  Salmon is a keystone species to the First Nation tribes of Alaska and Canada, the bears and eagles that live there, and many other animals whose most important food source is salmon.  The documentary Salmon Confidential will convince you to purchase only wild salmon, not farmed. The farms, often located adjacent to the mouths of rivers wild salmon return to for spawning their young, are infecting the wild fish as they swim by with sea lice and European viruses. There is an epidemic of salmon deaths in the rivers. Without a real and convincing pushback by consumers, salmon farming may soon cause salmon in the wild to become extinct, triggering a cascade of devastating consequences to all of the species that depend on the salmon for sustenance.  I hope you take the time to learn about this issue and spread the word.

In our continuing mission to make wastewater generated by cities and industries reusable wherever possible, we are currently looking for an experienced national salesperson with deep experience in the food and beverage market to pursue our MBBR/IFAS technological sales.  If you or someone you know are interested, you can learn more on  our website here

Getting away on vacation, no matter how far you travel or how long you stay, will free your soul and bring you back to your everyday responsibilities refreshed and recharged.  Perhaps enough to write a book, even.  Who knows?  Whatever your passion, seek it out.  Life happens today.

Warm regards from Houston,

Michele LaNoue

Headworks International Inc.

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