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April 2019

Hello to all of Our HeadsUp Readers!

Michele LaNoue
Michele LaNoue

It’s April Fools’ Day and I can imagine people in various places coming up with hilarious pranks to pull on their family, friends, classmates and colleagues.  There are some pranksters out there who might even be making Fools out of complete strangers.  Frankly, I’ve never been good at coming up with some funny practical joke on this day.  It just wasn’t a “thing” our family did and I’ve carried on the tradition of basically ignoring it.

Our hefty, mighty, Headworks MS Bar Screens are no jokesters either! Ever heard of sewer monsters?  No?  Well, they are real and they cause huge headaches for cities wherever “flushable” wipes are sold. Our screens do battle with those bad things wherever they’re found. A local engineer sent us a photo of a giant sewer monster our Screen in the little town of Southport, Indiana, captured.  I promise this isn’t an April Fools joke.  Read it for yourselves and be amazed.

Remember last month my mentioning pesticides in beer?  The weedkiller Roundup® is the most ubiquitous weed killer in the world and it’s showing up in our food chain. Staying in the organic aisles of your grocery store can help reduce exposure, but we now must contend with pesticides showing up in our beer and wine.  Oh my, don’t we all wish that “Intoxicated” was just a joke.  The new study was reported on H2O Radio and it’s worth a listen.

In the January HeadsUp issue, we discussed the power of organic diets to reduce the risk of cancer.  It’s one thing to say to yourself “I’m going to buy organic whenever I can.” It’s another thing to execute on that commitment.  And, let’s face it, organic is much more expensive than conventionally grown or raised food even though the farmers are spending less on pesticides and fertilizers.  (Yes, I know I’m bound to get lectured on that statement soon by some reader more knowledgeable than I am about farming methods.) But no foolin’, there’s help on the way!  Our reader, the editor of Jen Reviews in New Zealand, wrote to let me know they’d recently published a detailed, up-to-date guide on 15 types of produce you should always buy organic and 11 types to buy conventional. It’s free and you can find it here.  Thank you to Jo, the editor of Jen Reviews, for the help in keeping us from becoming April Fools at the checkout line!

I’m wrapping up this HeadsUp issue a bit early so I can go think about pranking the office.  Maybe it will snow?  Maybe the toilet water will turn green (my late mother’s only prank she pulled on us)?  Who knows?  Just so long as I’m not the April Fool.

Hoping April Fools’ Day brings a smile to each of you!


Michele LaNoue

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