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Headworks Secures Repeat Business for Mahr Bar Screen

August 14, 2012 download pdf

Headworks® Inc. has recently been awarded two purchase orders to design and fabricate screens and screenings handling equipment for wastewater treatment facilities in the United States. The contracts, received in July, total over $1 million and range in size and scope. Details of the contracts are as follows:

  • The City of Cromwell, Connecticut has ordered a second set of Mahr® Bar Screens for the Mattabassett District Water Pollution Control Facility upgrade. The original pair of bar screens discharged into the basement, complicating screenings handling. The reconfiguration of the plant will allow the new screens to convey to the street level, simplifying operations.The original pair of screens operated without any issues for 13 years, so when it was time to reorder, Headworks was the preferred manufacturer for the replacement. Each new Mahr Bar Screen will have ½ inch bar spacing with the capacity to treat 80 million gallons per day (302,000 m3/day). Most impressive is their length, measuring 47 feet overall.
  • The City of Louisville, Kentucky has ordered one Mahr Bar Screen and one Transpactor shaftless spiral conveyor/compactor for installation at the Buechel Basin Wastewater System. Burgess & Niple, the consultant, welcomed the opportunity to work with Headworks again after completing several projects in northern Kentucky where Mahr Bar Screens have been installed and are operating successfully.The bar screen for Buechel Basin will have ½ inch bar spacing and measure 41 feet in length by 9 feet in width. It will also be capable of handling 108 MGD (408,000 m3/day).

When asked about the recent orders, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gerald Seidl said, “The scope of these jobs demonstrates that Headworks is capable of fabricating any size screen for any location. The Mahr Bar Screen has the longest history by far of any multi-rake screen for successfully operating in deep channels with high flows and large debris.”

About Headworks Inc.
Headworks is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying screens and screenings handling equipment to municipal and industrial facilities around the world. The Mahr Bar Screen sets the standard for withstanding extreme conditions and leads an impressive lineup of screening equipment for a wide variety of applications. Coarse screens, fine screens, conveyors and compactors – Headworks offers solid screening performance.

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