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Headworks Introduces a Brick-Busting, Can-Crushing, Tire-Tearing Screwpactor HD

September 1, 2011 download pdf

Headworks® is proud to announce the addition of a heavy duty shafted spiral compactor to their line of screens and screenings handling equipment, the Screwpactor HDTM.

For over 15 years, Headworks has continuously improved its standard Screwpactor, used in the wastewater treatment industry for dewatering screenings and reducing solid volumes. Building on the Screwpactor’s reliable performance over the years, the company’s award-winning engineering team is now bringing to the market an upgrade designed to withstand extreme wastewater screenings handling conditions. The more robust spiral, higher torque, sealed double thrust bearings, and other proprietary features make this new compactor virtually indestructible!

“Some plants experience high concentrations of large debris, such as bricks, gravel, wood and even sheets and pillows if the treatment plant happens to be downstream of a prison where the residents find endless enjoyment from stopping up the toilets. Plants that treat storm water can also be particularly challenged if the rain runoff is carrying along trash from ditches along,” explains Gerald Seidl, Senior Vice President of Headworks Inc. “We’re thrilled to offer a shafted spiral compactor that can accommodate these unique demands.”

In order to justify the heavy-duty brand name, Headworks put the compactor to the test and documented the results. A short video shows the compactor busting, crushing, and tearing up materials including: clay bricks, blocks of oak, a baseball bat, cans, bottles, a tire, a traffic cone, lard, rope, gravel, and stone.

“The Screwpactor HD compacts these materials without pause or delay and provides the solid screening handling performance that customers have come to expect from Headworks Inc.

About Headworks Inc.
Headworks® Inc. is the number one choice among experienced owners, engineers, and operators who know that that Headworks’ quality construction, innovative design, and low lifecycle costs translate into long-term success for their wastewater screens and screenings handling investment. Our dependable screening equipment operates automatically with virtually no maintenance in tough and corrosive environments. The Headworks Mahr® Bar Screen sets the standard in our industry for withstanding extreme conditions.

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