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Headworks International Wins Prestigious UAE Business Award

June 13, 2017 download pdf

Headworks International, Inc., a leading global provider of advanced wastewater treatment processes and equipment for industrial and municipal facilities, has been recognized as the 2017 winner of Middle East Markets’ UAE Business Awards for the Best Wastewater Treatment Specialists in the Region.

UAE Business Awards 2017 are designed to celebrate the talent that has provided some of the best products and services from across the globe in one of the largest influential business regions. The awards celebrate the very best that the UAE’s business market has to offer and acknowledge the accomplishments made by the individuals responsible for their thriving industry.

Headworks International is based in Houston, Texas, with worldwide representation including additional offices in the Middle East, India and Canada. Headworks’ staff offers a diverse mix of cultures and professional disciplines, creating a rich combination of experiences forming a unique understanding of the global market place.

“Headworks International continues to have a long-term commitment to the Middle East North African Region with our office in Ajman, UAE, where our unique low maintenance solutions and small footprint treatment designs take challenging industrial and municipal wastewater and turn it into a reusable resource,” said CEO Michele LaNoue upon learning of the award. “Our process engineers are some of the best in the world and differentiate themselves in the business by focusing on finding the perfect solution for our clients’ needs. We are honoured to have our Team recognized by this prestigious award as the Best Wastewater Treatment Specialists in the Region and I congratulate them, especially the group serving MENA.”

About Headworks
Headworks International Inc. is the parent company of Headworks Bio Inc., one of the oldest independent MBBR/IFAS technology providers in the biological wastewater treatment sector with over 35 years of experience in municipal and industrial applications. The team of process design experts applies proven technologies for treating wastewater for reuse with discharge effluents meeting all new stringent quality regulations while reducing overall footprint. Our unique technologies can be applied to increase the capacity and improve effluent quality of existing plants without requiring additional real estate. Headworks BIO also offers customized decentralized systems for housing complexes, resorts, and small communities.

Headworks® Inc., a sister company, is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying screens and screenings handling equipment to municipal and industrial facilities around the world. All our equipment is proudly made in Texas! The Headworks Bar Screen is the only screen on the market which in over 20 years of operations has never been replaced due to mechanical failure, and it is the quality benchmark on the market. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, where our manufacturing and research development takes place,

Headworks International also has sales and engineering offices in Canada, the Middle East and India, with more than 1,400 installations in over 40 countries around the world.

For further information:
Michele LaNoue. CEO, Headworks International Inc., +1 713 647 6667
Gerald Seidl, Sr.VP, Headworks International Inc., +1 713 647 6667

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