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Headworks Inc. Features Products at WEFTEC

July 24, 2008

Industry leader in wastewater treatment to showcase key products

Headworks® Inc. announces equipment to be featured at WEFTEC, the largest water quality event in North America in October 19 – 22, 2008 in Chicago at booth number 26126.

The Mahr® Bar Screen sets the standard for the industry, even in the toughest of applications including deep channels, high flows, combined sewers and large debris. The Mahr Bar Screen is a front raked, front return bar screen with multiple rake bars mounted to chains located on each side of the self-contained frame. The design eliminates the possibility of solids carry-over and can easily be totally enclosed for odor control and improved hygiene. It features patented jam protection which clears obstructions automatically with a self reversing feature. The variable speed operation prevents high screenings loading and has a hydraulic capacity of 2 MGD/ft2 (1m3/m2) of screenfield area. This robust all stainless steel screen boasts the lowest headloss in the industry, with low overhead clearance.

The Eliminator Band Screen protects MBR plants and sensitive biological systems with very fine openings by eliminating carry-over and by-pass. This design forms a continuous band which travels parallel with the channel wall. The water enters through the center of the screen, passes through the stainless steel sieve elements and exits through the sides of the unit. Screenings are captured by the elements and are carried up to the discharge point, where they are removed by the Dual-Surge spray header system. The material is discharged into a sluice trough and conveyed for collection and disposal, typically to a screenings washing and dewatering system.

The Mahr Bar Screen and Eliminator can be combined for 2 Stage MBR screenings.

STAGE 1: The Mahr Bar Screen is a front multi-rake system, with a continuously self-cleaning cycle of 5 – 10 seconds. It is highly efficient, even in deep channels, with openings as small as 4mm.

STAGE 2: The Eliminator Band Screen is a perforated plate screen crafted of stainless steel, with an inside-out dual flow pattern which eliminates any carryover and keeps your membranes clean, with openings as small as 1mm.

The Perforator® Screen design facilitates ease of installation and dependable operation even in the deepest channels. The Headworks Perforator Screen incorporates perforated sieve elements that are mounted on chains on both sides of the self-contained frame. These sieve elements are similar in shape to semi-curved steps. This arrangement allows for screenings to form a mat. The elements allow screenings to be easily transported and discharged by gravity into a conveyor or compactor. A brush and spray system supports the cleaning of the channels.

The Spiralman is a shaftless spiral screen that combines screenings, conveying and compacting in a single reliable unit. The Headworks Spiralman Plus is a unique, patented, double screen with two co-operating screening units to provide extra capacity. A full-length U-trough design and bolted sieve spiral provide for easy accessibility and maintenance. The Spiral remains the same diameter over its entire length, reducing the potential for blocking.

The Screwpactor is an extremely reliable compactor employed to dewater screenings and reduce volume. This equipment is virtually maintenance-free. Notable features include a shafted screenings compaction system and a low profile and easily retrofitted custom-designed discharge tube. An optional Wash Module and a bagging module are also available.

The X-Tractor is an award winning multi-purpose compactor/screen and screenings washing device for high efficiency washing, ideal for use with other screens that utilize sprays for cleaning and high water volumes generated by sluice troughs. A feature of note is the shaftless screenings compaction system. The optional Wash Module is available, as well as a bagging module for a wide range of installation options, including a self-contained screen or septic receiving station.

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