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Headworks BIO Inc. Grants Infilco Degremont, Inc. Full Rights to Continued Use of the Activecell Biofilm Carriers for MBBR Wastewater Treatment.

October 6, 2009 download pdf

Headworks BIO Inc. is pleased to announce that following its recent acquisition of Hydroxyl Systems, Inc., it has signed an agreement with Infilco Degremont, Inc. (“IDI”) headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Originally a licensee of Hydroxyl, IDI will continue to pursue the IFAS/MBBR market under the terms of a new agreement with Headworks BIO, which grants IDI full access to the ActiveCell® Biofilm Carriers.

When asked why they entered into this agreement with IDI, Headworks BIO’s CEO, Michele LaNoue, responded with “MBBR/IFAS systems require deep expertise based on years of experience. It is not simply a matter, as some would think, of throwing a bunch of plastic bits into the system and hoping for the best. Although IDI and Headworks continue to compete in the market, we both agree that a certain degree of collaboration on projects that were jointly developed with the former Hydroxyl company benefits all involved. In this way, both of our companies continue to improve our already well-established expertise in this emerging technology. This is good for the technology’s acceptance in the market as well as for the ultimate customers.”

Headworks BIO’s recent acquisition of various assets of Hydroxyl Systems, Inc. and its recruitment of former members of the Hydroxyl engineering team has increased the company’s capacity and expertise, strengthening it as a leading solutions provider in the fast-growing IFAS and MBBR wastewater treatment systems market. MBBR technology (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) is a biological wastewater treatment process which is more efficient than conventional or membrane wastewater treatment systems. It is not only more cost efficient, but requires less energy and space, both paramount considerations in the extremely limited confines of ships. Hydroxyl was one of the first of two companies to develop MBBR technology for use in municipalities and industrial applications and became the world leader in marine wastewater treatment.

Hydroxyl’s ActiveCell Biofilm Carriers have many years of proven success in the field. Using the ActiveCell and other biofilm carriers, Headworks BIO provides innovative MBBR and IFAS solutions for compact modular systems as well as for designs which can significantly increase the flow capacity and efficiency of new and existing plants within their original footprint.

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