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GWI magazine quotes Headworks as one of the leading MBBR/IFAS solution providers

March 23, 2020

A recent GWI article (“MBBR applications diversify as biofilm carriers go beyond space-saving niche”) covered in detail the growing MBBR/IFAS market.

We are proud to see that Headworks International was quoted in the Global Water Intelligence magazine as one of the premier worldwide suppliers of this technology.

Although the MBBR process is over 25 years old it took time, as with so many other processes in the water industry, to gain traction. Today MBBR/IFAS is seen as one of the most viable solutions for plant upgrades and/or effluent improvements.  The article goes further and digs deeper into the threat of the commoditization challenges the established suppliers face. For Headworks the winning advantage is that we can look at 25+ years of experience in municipal and industrial applications. This helps us to optimize designs and beat “plastic only” suppliers.

Furthermore are the premier companies targeting specific niche applications like leachate, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, selenium removal or anaerobic MBBR based solutions. These are all areas were the “plastic only” offerings fail.

Another aspect is the realization that MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) solutions, which were the hype of the recent past, are becoming a very expensive overkill as the following article quote states:

Utilities realised that they didn’t need such clean effluent if they were discharging to the sea or using it for land irrigation, so people have moved away from membranes,” suggested Afnan Din, vice president for MENA at Headworks International, a key player in the carrier technology market.

Headworks is excited to see the uptake of interest and this is reflected in our increased number of orders from the US, parts of Europe, in the Middle East as well Asia.

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