Headworks International has worked on many projects in the Pulp & Paper industry including plant expansions and retrofits using ActiveCell MBBR technology.

The Pulp & Paper industry is facing increasingly stringent requirements for wastewater discharges. Due to large volumes of the water used in the industry, the EPA in the United States has implemented Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) on receiving bodies and surface waters, typically rivers located next to the Pulp & Paper mill. Due to increasing pollution in the rivers, especially nutrients, the industry has faced increasingly stringent limits on the pollutants in their wastewater discharges. The mills typically don’t have the additional space required for expanding their existing wastewater treatment plants. Headworks International has implemented MBBR projects in the paper industry which doubled treatment capacity and/or met new, stringent requirements using existing infrastructure.

The paper industry also faces many challenges due to changes in the industry.  Many paper mills are forced to convert to recycled paper mills from using virgin pulp.  This requires large-scale changes in production processes, which will generate wastewaters with high loadings of pollutants.  The MBBR process from Headworks International is especially suited for this change, as the higher loadings of pollutants in wastewater can be treated by retrofitting existing infrastructure with the MBBR process.