Headworks Integrated Treatment System

Headworks Integrated Treatment System

September 28, 2018 download pdf

Headworks Integrated Treatment System Case Study

The world’s MBBR/IFAS technology experts at Headworks Bio have developed a smarter way to treat wastewater for reuse. The result is the Headworks Integrated Treatment (HIT) System: a modular, compact wastewater treatment plant designed for smaller communities and industries. The HIT System provides a complete solution – screening, grit removal, MBBR or IFAS treatment, clarification, tertiary filtration, and disinfection – all with low capital investment and operational costs.

The HIT System requires minimal space, but can treat flows up to 230,000 GPD (870 m3 /day) in a single train. Headworks Bio designs systems to meet a variety of effluent quality requirements. And at any given time, the system can be expanded to meet new discharge requirements or increasing flow rates.

HIT Systems offer many advantages: one of the most important being its ease of operation due to the fixed film MBBR process. Unlike package plant solutions, the self regulating biofilm HIT system does not require a high level of operator intervention to maintain the process balance. Below are some photos of a HIT system designed to treat up to 15,000 GPD (57 m3 /day) of municipal wastewater. This particular unit was designed for installation in the basement of the facility. With a self-regulating MBBR system in place, “out of sight and out of mind” can be a successful strategy in virtually any location. Have a challenging application that needs a cost-effective, simple to use solution? Give our team a call. We’re the experts in Quality That Never Quits, even when it’s out of sight!

This particular system will reduce BOD to 10 mg/L, Ammonia to 2 mg/L, and TSS to 15 mg/L.