Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong

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Disneyland Hong Kong Kept Clean by Headworks ® MS ® Bar Screens


Children around the world dream of playing with Mickey Mouse or visiting Sleeping Beauty in her castle. This dream became a reality for many children in Asia last year with the opening of Walt Disneyland Hong Kong. This multi-billion dollar family retreat was built by the Government of Hong Kong in collaboration with the Walt Disney Company. They officially opened their doors on September 12, 2005.

The Disney theme park, hotel and resort were constructed over approximately 280 acres on Penny’s Bay, also known as Chok Ko Wan, on northeastern Lantau Island. Although Disneyland is mostly about fun and games, people generally don’t realize that large quantities of water are required every day and significant flows of sewage are generated from its tourists, hotels, and restaurants. Thus, the development of water systems as well as wastewater treatment facilities was required to deal with these issues.


Headworks® Inc., the supplier of screens that serve the Florida Disneyland park system, was selected to participate in three projects affecting the new development in Hong Kong. The screens handle both the water going into the park as well as the discharged effluent. Headworks provided a total of six MS® Bar Screens for two Hong Kong pump stations and one treatment site for the Disneyland development. All of the screens are solid 316 stainless steel.

One pair of MS screens is installed at the Penny’s Bay Irrigation Station. These large robust fine screens are 8.6 m long with 12 mm bar spacing. The screens sit in a 2 meter wide channel with a water depth of 4.9 meters. These screens are rated to handle a flow up to 9.8 m³/s each.

Another two MS screens safeguard the Yam O Pump Station. These screens have 50mm bar spacing and an overall length of 7.75 m, with a discharge height of 1.5 m. The screens operate in a 4.95 m channel depth with a width of 0.9 m. The water depth at this station is 2.5m and the screens are each rated for a max flow of 2.25 m³/s. 

Lastly, the two remaining MS screens operate at the Penny Bay’s Pump Station. Similar to the screens at Yam O SPS, the Penny Bay screens have 50mm bar spacing. The screens overall length is 9.71 m, and the discharge height of 1.5 m. These screens operate in a 6.85 m channel depth with a width of 0.9 m. Like Yam O, the water depth at this station is 2.5m and the screens are each rated also for a max flow of 2.25 m³/s. 

As with the previous 110 Headworks MS units installed in Hong Kong over the last 14 years, these six new screens met the stringent requirements of the Hong Kong Drainage Services Department. Headworks supplied their first screens to Hong Kong in 1992 for the Aberdeen Wastewater Treatment Plant, and 14 years later these Aberdeen screens still work to the full satisfaction of the client. Headworks® Inc. is well known in Hong Kong and world wide for their high quality equipment and excellence in service.

Disneyland Hong Kong