Amherst, NY

Amherst, NY

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Case Study: Amherst WWTP, New York


Only twenty miles from Niagara Falls and less than ten miles from Lake Erie, the Amherst WWTP must be prepared for varying flows. In 2003, the City of Amherst, decided the time had come to replace its’ 30-year old screens that were no longer able to handle these irregular flows.

Why Amherst WWTP chose Headworks

When the City approached Consultant Malcolm Pirnie for their upgrade needs, the consulting firm performed a research study on fine screening. A thorough review of all available technologies was completed. The facility upgrade specifications were written to the durable Headworks® Bar Screen with an “or equal” clause. In the end, no other fine screening technology could meet the specifications.
The screens to be replaced had a bar spacing of 1¼ inch; however, after thirty years in operation maintenance requirements increased greatly. The four Amherst Headworks Bar Screens were tailor-made with a bar spacing of ½ inch and a total length of 53 feet.


Since installation, the City has been very pleased with the Headworks screen design, minimal maintenance requirements, and most of all its renowned performance abilities to handle all types of flows.


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