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American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Spring 2020 Meeting

January 21, 2021

Headworks’ CTO Somnath Basu together with Andrew Shaw (Global Practice and Technology Leader in Sustainability and Wastewater, Black & Veatch) chaired the presentation:

‘Trends in Water and Wastewater Treatment: Challenges, Innovation and Progress’


James L. Barnard – Global Practice & Technology Leader, Advanced Biological Treatment, Black & Veatch

Charles Bott – Director of Water Technology and Research (CTO) at HRSD

Charles L. Meyer – Global Discipline Lead and Manager Ecotoxicology, Shell Health Risk Science Team

Val Frenkel – VP Process Engineering, MD Pacific Coast, Greeley and Hansen

Lauren Stadler – Assistant Professor, Dep. of Civil & Env. Eng., Rice University

Benson Pair – Retired CTE – Environmental at KBR

Topics are:

– Water Reuse in Circular Economy: From Non Potable to Potable.

– New Trends in Recovery of Nutrients from Point and Distributed Sources

– Risk-Based Assessment of Refinery & Petrochemical Plant Effluents

– Partnership of Rice and City of Houston to Advance Sustainable and Resilient Water Systems

– Intensifying Treatment and Resource Recovery SWIFTly and Pragmatically – The Water Industry: Current and Future Direction

Trends in Water and Wastewater Treatment: Challenges, Innovation and Progress (video)

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