Preventative Maintenance

Experience the Headworks Difference.

In today’s economy, municipal budgets are often stretched to their limits and the use of third party services have become the norm. However, there are benefits to using our Headworks authorized service team that are often overlooked, and many customers are just not aware that we offer these services.

The Headworks Service department offers, manufacturer-trained service technicians and parts, allowing us to properly repair the equipment to return it to its original factory specifications.

Benefits of Using Headworks Service technicians

  • Factory-trained Service Technicians.
  • Manufacturer technical support.
  • Quality original parts.
  • Complete repair reports explaining the services performed, the reasons behind the services and preventative maintenance, extending the life expectancy of the equipment.
  • Access to original drawings and schematics.
  • Full-time customer service manager available with 24-hour access should a problem arise.
  • Design, manufacturing and fabrication under one roof.
  • Providing equipment knowledge that third-party service just can’t offer

The Headworks Difference

  • Only Genuine Headworks parts will be used during the servicing of our equipment.
  • Service for the complete line of Headworks products.
  • Domestic and international services provided.
  • Headworks exact tolerances and quality are maintained.
  • All repairs are warrantied from 12 -18 months from time of repair.
  • Prompt response to minimize down time.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

With Headworks as your maintenance partner, you can be assured that your equipment is regularly inspected and serviced by certified Headworks technicians, taking the worry out of your preventative maintenance needs.

PM Services include

  • Inspect and adjust Invert brackets.
  • Inspect Wall mount brackets.
  • Inspect Channel side seals.
  • Inspect screen field and adjust bars as needed.
  • Inspect and perform chain tensioning.
  • Inspect scraper blade and readjust as necessary.
  • Inspect operating floor mounting bracket.
  • Inspect reducer oil level and vent. Add or change lubricant as needed.
  • Inspect lubrication on the head shaft bearings. Add or change lubricant as needed.
  • Inspect mounting hardware and make necessary adjustments.
  • Inspect frame flange sections to assure proper bolting and no leaks.
  • Inspect all original field wiring to ensure it is intact and clearly marked.
  • Inspect transducer(s) for operation and functionality. Adjust as needed.
  • Inspect hydro ranger or other leveling transmitters for operation and functionality.
  • Inspect panel for proper ventilation.
  • Inspect equipment to assure proper rotation.
  • Inspect equipment for smooth running operation.
  • Perform electrical checks to include:
    • Manual mode:    FWD – REV and I/O
    • Automatic mode: FWD – REV and I/O
    • Jam test:              Overload and Reset
    • Current sensor.    Overload and Reset.
  • Inspect panel power interruption. Cycle control panel power and check functions.
  • Inspect all local control stations functionality.
  • Perform motor checks (amperage verification)
  • Perform VFD checks to assure settings are correct and make adjustments as needed.
  • Perform checks on HMI / OIT settings and adjust as needed.
  • Perform checks on additional timers not in HMI, adjust as needed.
  • Perform additional training to operation and maintenance personnel. (2 hours maximum training provided) while technician is onsite. Additional training dates available and will be billed at daily rate if not scheduled during onsite days agreed upon.