It takes a global company to meet the world’s global demand for clean water. Because life depends on it, you can depend on us.


Every day, Headworks International devotes its considerable resources to meet the world’s demand for our most precious resource – clean water. To meet the ever changing needs of the water industry, we’ve devoted decades to continuously engineer innovative wastewater treatment solutions that have become industry standards. Our series of robust screens are the most reliable on the market, while our proven MBBR and IFAS systems are revolutionizing the way facilities are retrofitted and upgraded. It takes a global company to meet the world’s global demand for clean water. Because life depends on it, you can depend on us. Please click here for the Headworks International Trailer video.



“Everything about this project is big, and the resulting impact on the environment is equally big. Naturally, for such a ‘big’ project the screens would have to come from a Texas company.” Centerline Piping, Inc. handled the plumbing and mechanical subcontract for the GWK RTB project

Greg Baranski, Project Manager
Centerline Piping, Inc.

“The screen’s footprint was compact, could be installed in a true vertical position, and could be completely submerged.”

David Shank, Consultant - Burgess & Niple.
Patton Street Pumping Station

“We would have had to build a structure at least six feet higher than what was there and then go back to all seven of the contributing pump stations to modify the existing pumps.”

Ken Hudson, President
Treaschwig Joint Powers Board

“The estimated reduction in labor and power costs as a result of the constructed improvements is $30,000 per year.”

Klotz Associates, Inc., 2001 City of Houston, Final Engineering Design Report
Southwest WWTP Improvements

“We are very pleased with the Headworks ® screens thus far. They have fewer moving parts compared to the previous system, they’re very well built and very heavy duty. We look forward to using them for years to come”

Randy Studaker, Facility Superintendent
Port Huron, Michigan


Food & Beverage Live Event - Headworks International (Recording)

This is a Full Recording of Headworks International’s LinkedIn Live Event discussing Effluent Wastewater Treatment in the Food & Beverage Industry. The Food & Beverage Industry is facing several challenges in wastewater treatment. The costs of water, energy, labor, and wastewater discharge (surcharges) are rising fast. Headworks International has solutions for reducing each of these costs. This LinkedIn Live Event took place on January 25, 2024 (10 AM CST).

WEFTEC 2023 - Headworks International Interview

Headworks International was excited to talk with Angela Godwin at this year’s WEFTEC to discuss our place in the water industry. Interviewees include CEO Michele LaNoue, Co-Founder & Sr. Vice President Gerald Seidl, and VP of sales Afnan Din.


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