IFAS Retrofit

Conventional biological processes designed to meet secondary treatment effluent standards typically do not achieve total nitrogen removal. This can be a problem, as your wastewater treatment plant may already be faced with stricter regulations on effluent nutrient concentrations.

With Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) technology from Headworks BIO, you can meet changing Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) discharge requirements without having to expand your physical plant or add volume – while doubling treatment capacity in your bioreactor.

Expand Capacity without Adding Volume

This expansion of capacity is made simple with an IFAS plant retrofit. Just progressively add ActiveCell® media that use attached-growth biological systems – and combine them with the suspended growth activated sludge process for different treatment stages. Your existing reactor can be retrofitted by dividing it into anaerobic, anoxic, and aerobic zones for advanced BNR treatment. The addition of ActiveCell media to the aerobic zones increases the Solids Retention Time (SRT) for nitrification. And thanks to the small footprint of Headworks BIO’s systems, upgrades won’t require additional tank space.

The fixed-film process oxidizes ammonium compounds while the activated sludge process manages BOD removal. In an IFAS plant retrofit, the activated sludge process acts in much the same way as a conventional activated sludge process, but is more forgiving for RAS and WAS operation. Should you have a need to, you can combine BOD and nitrification in the same tank.

Let IFAS Handle the Load

With an IFAS plant retrofit, you won’t have to invest in major new equipment or systems, or add new skills or training. The process is self-regulating, and responds automatically to fluctuations in the organic load, without the need for operational adjustments. No need to increase the solids loading to your secondary clarifier. Your plant will even be able to recover faster from toxic upsets and organic or hydraulic "washout" events.

Total nitrogen removal is easy, even with a low activated sludge age, due in part to an IFAS plant retrofit that allows you to maintain a separate media population for excellent nitrification. And because the biofilm’s plentiful autotrophs keep nitrification stable, your retrofitted plant can operate at low temperatures as well.

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