Solutions to Your Plant's BNR Challenges 

Save Space

Regulations stipulate your wastewater treatment plant reduce total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) to certain levels. How can you make the modifications necessary without expanding your physical plant?

With the Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge process from Headworks BIO, your facility can reduce effluent nutrient concentrations to safe levels and increase treatment capacity without adding reactor volume. The IFAS process includes the addition of ActiveCell® media that employ attached growth biological systems for aerobic, anaerobic, or anoxic treatment stages.

Expansion of treatment capacity is easy with the progressive addition of media. Due to the small footprint of Headworks BIO’s systems, upgrades won’t require additional tankage. 

Save Time

You don’t have the extra time to train personnel on new technology. That’s why Headworks BIO’s IFAS process is ideal for BNR in your wastewater treatment plant. Because their self-maintaining and designed to provide years of durable performance, the ActiveCell media that form the basis of these systems make the process simple.

In the case of retrofitting an existing conventional activate sludge system to IFAS, no major equipment or additional process steps are needed.  The simple addition of ActiveCell media supports a self-regulating process that automatically responds to organic load fluctuations, without the need for operational adjustments. In addition, a plant retrofit to IFAS requires no new training or new operator skills.

And with attached biofilm growth limiting toxic upsets and hydraulic "washout" events, your plant can achieve faster, smoother process recovery.

Save Effort

Give your plant – and your operators – a break, and let the little guys do the work. Each individual piece of ActiveCell media has a high surface area-to-volume ratio that supports biofilm growth for active biology above and beyond the limits of the suspended growth activated sludge system.

Headworks BIO’s IFAS process combines the benefits of fixed-film, attached-growth biological systems with those of the suspended growth activated sludge process. Your existing reactor can be retrofitted by dividing it into portion stages that include anaerobic, anoxic, and aerobic zones.

Increase your reactor treatment capacity for organic loading without having to settle out additional biomass – or increase the solids loading to your secondary clarifier. Our IFAS fixed-film biomass even helps respond to organic or hydraulic shock loads and to recover from upsets.

With IFAS, low activated sludge age is not a problem. Your treatment plant can still achieve excellent nitrification because the process maintains a separate media population. You’ll even see better sludge quality and improved settling. Low temperatures aren’t a problem either, because the biofilm’s plentiful autotrophs keep nitrification stable.

Save Money

The ActiveCell process developed by Headworks BIO is an extremely cost-effective solution for BNR.

Worried about having to make major process modifications to your plant, and all the infrastructure costs involved? Then don’t. Use Headworks BIO's IFAS system for Biological Nutrient Removal to increase the treatment capacity and improve the performance of your existing plant without adding expensive clarifier or aeration basin volume. The IFAS solution allows for lower capital and operation costs than conventional alternatives.

What other challenges can Headworks BIO solve for your wastewater treatment plant? Call the experienced team at Headworks BIO to see what a customized BNR system can do for you.

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Biological Processes

Customize Your Bioreactor with an IFAS Plant Retrofit

When you need to meet new discharge requirements or capacity demands, Headworks BIO can work with you to design a custom IFAS process. We can modify your plant to address those challenges – including solutions that are compatible with plug flow and complete mix configurations, and with fine-bubble aeration in a non-media bioreactor.

Save space, time, manpower and money with a cost-effective solution for your specific bioreactor needs. Contact Headworks BIO today for a customized IFAS plant retrofit.

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