Nitrification Process


The MBBR process is ideally suited for nitrification applications because the process enables the proliferation of nitrifying bacteria within the protected surface area of thousands of plastic pieces, called biocarriers or media.

Nitrifying bacteria have relatively slower growth rates and are strongly influenced by water temperature. Many processes have difficulty achieving reliable nitrification; the MBBR process advances biofilm technology to achieve highly reliable, complete nitrification within compact tank volumes.

One of the greatest challenges in achieving nitrification is to establish sufficient quantities of nitrifying bacteria without washing them out of the system. MBBR technology enables the biological process to sustain a high-density population of nitrifying bacteria without relying on increased solids retention time (SRT) or mixed-liquor suspended solids (MLSS). Nitrifying bacteria are sustained in the protected cells of every MBBR biocarrier within the process.

Another challenge with nitrifying bacteria populations is their relatively slow regeneration following toxic shock or organic shock incidents. An upset to conventional processes (especially during cold water seasons) can cause a lengthy period of permit violation. MBBR technology dramatically improves toxic shock response time by retaining a dynamic multi-layer biofilm system within the secondary biological process, achieving fast recovery from severe flow and load fluctuations.

Applied for post-treatment following activated sludge, or a BOD Reduction process, a separate-stage MBBR nitrification process can reduce ammonia in cold temperatures while eliminating the operational drawbacks of conventional approaches that require increased solids retention time (SRT) or higher mixed-liquor suspended solids (MLSS) levels.

MBBR achieves reliable nitrification while sustaining a high level of process resiliency not available via conventional or competitive technologies. 

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Biocarriers establish high-density bacteria for nitrification within their protected cells
Biofilm carriers establish high-density bacteria within protected cell technology


MBBR nitrification process in operation
MBBR nitrification process in operation


Nitrification systems are easily installed with minimal footprint requirements
Easily installed with minimal footprint

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