Denitrification Process


The MBBR process enables total nitrogen removal in compact spaces through high-density nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria populations.

Headworks BIO designs total nitrogen removal processes in multi-stage configuration typically with nitrification processes followed by denitrification processes. MBBR biofilm carrier technology is employed to achieve the necessary density of heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria within staged aerobic and anoxic processes.

Pre-denitrification achieves nitrogen removal without an external carbon source and is therefore attractive from an operating cost viewpoint. This process requires a recycle of nitrified effluent to an anoxic stage where it mixes with the influent.

Post-denitrification can be achieved as a serial stage after nitrification, requiring an external carbon source addition. It is typically attractive due to volumetric efficiency.

MBBR denitrification processes are commonly used in decentralized wastewater treatment systems for their ease of operation and elimination of bulking problems.


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Biocarriers establish high-density bacteria within their protected cells prior to denitrification
Biofilm carriers establish high-density bacteria within protected cell technology



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